Brand Ambassador

As a CMG brand ambassador, you will work with some of the most exciting and innovative brands in the industry. You will promote our clients’ brands at events on and off college campuses, and through other creative channels. You will collaborate with us to develop content that resonates with your followers and helps promote our client’s brands.


  • Represent the brand, mission, vision and values of CMG and our clients at on-and-off campus events
  • Gain valuable experience in on location marketing
  • Connect with other college students and recent graduates
  • Collaborate with other brand ambassadors to develop and implement marketing strategies.
  • Develop your personal brand presence
  • Earn money while doing something you love
  • Be part of a fast-growing and dynamic team


  • Passion for the Brand’s products or services: They should be enthusiastic about the brand’s mission and values and believe in them.

  • Excellent Communication Skills: Brand ambassadors need to have excellent communication skills to effectively communicate the brand’s message to their audience. They should be able to articulate the brand’s values, benefits, and unique selling points clearly.

  • Engaging Personality: Brand ambassadors should have an engaging personality to attract and retain the attention of potential customers. They should be charismatic, approachable, and relatable.

  • Strong Sales Skills: Brand ambassadors should have strong sales skills to promote the brand’s products or services and increase sales. They should be able to persuade and influence potential customers to make a purchase.

  • Professionalism: A good brand ambassador should be professional, reliable, and ethical. They should represent the brand in a positive light at all times and maintain a positive public image.

  • Adaptability: Brand ambassadors should be able to adapt to different environments, audiences, and situations. They should be comfortable working in different settings, such as trade shows, events, or online.

  • Knowledgeable: Brand ambassadors should have in-depth knowledge about the brand’s products or services, industry, and competitors. They should be able to answer questions and provide solutions to customer inquiries.

Overall, a brand ambassador’s job is to increase the visibility and reputation of a brand and help to attract new customers while keeping existing ones engaged and satisfied.


Project compensation varies, please inquire.

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