When your marketing plan needs some TLC, that’s where CMG comes in. We can help unpack an integrated campaign that helps you reach your goals. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping businesses reach the tough-nut niche of college students and their parents.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plans

No single marketing tactic is effective on its own. At CMG, we use display ads, in public events, and social media to can help you chart your course. We can build a comprehensive marketing plan based on your business needs and your competitors’ position in the market.


Experimental marketing

Digital media

Multicultural marketing

Custom sponsorships

Cause marketing

Parent research

Influencer marketing

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By engaging key social media influencers, we can boost your brand through peer endorsements. We work with campus leaders in Greek organizations, student councils, and clubs. You’ll choose which influencers best suit your needs, and we’ll handle management and reporting.


Programmatic Advertising

Our display ad campaigns can reach very specific audience segments. This means you deliver your ads to people most interested in your brand. Our many offerings include display, search, and social platforms.

Behavioral Targeting

We reach prospects actively searching for your product and service in a specific location.

Site Retargeting

When someone visits your webpage, we can follow up with advertising.

Conquest Geofencing

When someone visits your competitor’s location, we can deliver them an ad.


We can limit ad impressions to people in a specific ZIP code or address. Through geofencing, we can also target large-scale events such as graduation or homecoming games.

Addressable Targeting

We can tailor a perfect target audience across all their screens. They can be residents of specific households or members of your existing customer lists.


Email Marketing

CMG uses email marketing to reach new customers — not just serve your existing lists. We only send to people who have opted into email campaigns, and we follow all relevant laws and best practices.

Our email campaigns include list-scrubbing, extensive pre-launch testing, destination “splash” pages, and follow-up analytics.

We can target students and their parents at any university with the following demographics:

Age group


Degree program





Location Campaigns


Physical Media

We’re so saturated with digital media. A bold, beautiful image in the real world can penetrate screen fatigue and literally get people to see your brand. We specialize in posters, sidewalk vinyl, static clings, and other custom media. Let’s talk about how we can get creative about physical-space ads.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors

We can stage interactive experiences with brand ambassadors. We can help you hand out samples, distribute flyers, and collect survey results. Our activations target college campuses, conferences, spring break locations, grand openings, and more.

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Creative Services

Our creative team can help you put together landing pages, display ads, and social media graphics and video. We also turn out beautiful printed door-hangers, mailings, and posters. Our custom publications include printed guides, eBooks, custom branded content, and white papers.


Out-of-Home Services

Our team enhances your brand’s reach with our Out-of-Home (OOH) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) marketing solutions. From traditional billboards to dynamic digital screens, we ensure your message stands out in high-traffic areas and captivates your target audience.

Bus Shelter Ad

Traditional OOH

We’re experts in traditional outdoor advertising, from billboards to bus shelters and transit ads. These static ads are perfect for capturing attention in high-traffic areas and public spaces, ensuring your brand message reaches a wide audience. Let’s explore how we can make your brand stand out in the real world.

Segways Mobile Billboards
Sampling Bikes Bus Shelters
Jet Packs Field Marketing
Ad Ballons  

Digital OOH

We bring modern, dynamic ads to digital screens in locations like malls, airports, and public transit. Our DOOH solutions offer engaging, interactive content, including video and real-time updates. Let’s bring your brand to life with cutting-edge digital advertising.

Programmatic DOOH Connected TV / OTT
Programmatic Digital Audio
Exposed Mobile Retargeting
Geofencing True Proximity Targeting

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