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Since 2019, BankMobile has partnered with College & Military Marketing Group to promote new mobile banking services to college students.

 BankMobile is a digital-only checking account for students that gives them the power to bank anywhere, anytime. BankMobile has been on a mission to help students become financially independent for over a decade. They understand that learning to manage money in school not only supports students’ financial well-being but can lay a foundation for overall success.


Like many banks and financial institutions, BankMobile was having challenges marketing their services to college students, and their parents, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BankMobile competes with other top financial institutions in the digital banking sphere such as Chime (est. 2013) and Simple Finance (est. 2009). While BankMobile knows that they offer a uniquely valuable, digital-only checking account for students, they were seeking our support in reaching parents of college students and delivering a creative and targeted digital marketing campaign.

  • Target 100 universities nationwide with a 30-day mobile campaign to promote BankMobile Vibe and increase brand awareness to the target demographic.
  • Use a strategic blend of email and programmatic marketing to reach parents of students and incoming freshmen where they interact the most: online.
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The BankMobile Marketing Campaign targeted 100 universities nationwide with a goal of serving 4,500,000+ impressions to parents of students and incoming freshmen within 30 days of launch.


Targeted Email
Our dedicated account team at College & Military Marketing Group worked with BankMobile to develop and launch email blasts to parents of students and incoming freshmen at targeted geolocations. CMMG utilized a strategic duo of email and programmatic marketing tactics to exceed the target of 4,500,000+ impressions. The individuals reached were all within close proximity to college campuses thanks to our geofencing capabilities. Each email campaign consisted of two email blasts sent over a period of 15–30 days, and was uniquely designed with a specific offer and call-to-action (CTA).


Email #2 in the BankMobile campaign went out to the same 250,000 individuals within the specified target demographic of parents of students and incoming freshmen connected to universities nationwide.

Programmatic Display

Our programmatic capability, geo-fencing, allowed us to select a specific area where the BankMobile promotions were likely to be successful, around college campuses and universities, and deliver ads to any mobile device user within that geofenced territory.

Graphic designers at CMMG developed animated display search ads in varied sizes to be displayed across multiple search engines and in print publications. There were 11 total ads published including five print publication editions of the College Parent Magazine that were distributed to college students and their parents at Kennesaw State and Florida State Universities.

The goal of BankMobile’s print and digital ads through CollegiateParent was to reach parents of students through CollegiateParent print and digital platforms. The target goal was 4,500,000 impressions.


Geolocation Impressions

Emails Delivered

BankMobile Print and Digital Ads


We successfully executed email marketing campaigns to over 250,000 email addresses. These campaigns targeted parents of students and incoming freshmen at colleges and universities in Texas, California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, and Ohio.

We promoted the BankMobile app at numerous college campuses and significantly boosted web impressions among parents of college students and college freshmen using their mobile devices.

By utilizing geofencing, we obtained over 8,000,000 impressions across 100 markets and exceeded the industry standard CTR (0.05%)* by more than double. Search and keyword retargeting could be added on a future campaign to increase impressions.


    Year after year, BankMobile has relied on CMMG to execute email and digital campaigns that deliver results. We are excited to partner with CMG as students return to campus this fall.


    Contact us today to be our next success story.

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