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We know what they want, who they listen to, and how they make decisions. Use our experience with these audiences to drive your sales.

A Young and Knowing Generation

“Gen Z” includes digital natives who learn about the world from hundreds of sources. They are influenced by their parents, peers, social media, and real-world messages. They crave authentic experiences. Their purchasing decisions reflect their personal values.

We speak Gen Z.

Father Son Move In

Youth Drive Family Decisions

9 out of 10 students influence family purchases
  • 90% 90%

More than ever before, teens and young adults are driving family spending. Almost 90% of parents surveyed by the National Retail Federation say their children have a say in household purchases. With more than 19 million students enrolled in American colleges and universities, this generation packs tremendous purchasing power.

Times Are Changing

The days are long gone when you could buy a billboard and get results. You need to go deeper than brand awareness with content that answers questions and changes minds. A modern multi-pronged campus marketing campaign uses always-on messaging across many different channels.

Wherever they go, there we are.

Students looking at phone
Student on Island

No Student Is an Island

Student opinions are shaped by their friends and the people they admire and follow. Students notice catchy messages as they attend classes and events on campus. They read reviews on YouTube and TikTok. They sometimes even listen to their parents.

We influence the influencers.

One Agency, Many Levers

College Marketing Group can help your company grow business by reaching young consumers.

Our services include:

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan

We provide a top-down plan for producing content, targeting the right people, and measuring results.

Strategic Marketing Plan


We team up with popular spokespeople who introduce your brand to thousands of social followers.



We use a full spectrum of digital marketing tools that will help you build awareness, drive traffic, and convert leads.



Our winning email campaigns introduce your brand and follow up on engagements.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Location Campaigns

We help you stage unforgettable on-campus events.

Creative Services

Creative Services

We will make your brand sparkle. Our writers and designers are at your service.

The Tub Thumper

Curated college student marketing content directly to your inbox.

Proven Track Record

College Marketing Group has produced results for the following national brands and small businesses that serve communities around campus.

Peak Campus
Del Monte
University of Chicago
Super Coffee
Rooster Essentials

Why Choose CMMG?

CMMG is your connection to young adults and their families. We will help you navigate these challenging waters and provide the tools you need to reach new customers.

We become part of your team.

We offer custom solutions.

We have a collaborative spirit.

We are transparent about reporting results.

“Since 2018, RISE Real Estate has turned to the team at CMG to execute digital marketing campaigns that deliver results. Through the effective use of email marketing we’ve promoted student housing property tours and special leasing opportunities to target audiences. The team at CMG is professional, responsive, and results oriented!”

Marketing Manager
Rise: A Real Estate Company