The Lydian Apartments Q4/2023
Email Campaign Results


Your Campaign Results

The Lydian Apartments targeted 50,000 graduate and undergraduate students, at select Chicago area universities via email. 

The email was dispatched on 11/2/23 at 9 AM CST. The click-to-open ratio stood at 10.06%, indicating that the content resonated effectively with the audience who opened the email. Furthermore, we observed that the top-clicked URL directed users to the amenities page, suggesting a keen interest from your target audience. This insight enables us to optimize future campaigns, particularly in emphasizing amenities within the email body. Lastly, the “Schedule a Tour” link garnered 252 clicks, potentially leading to enhanced opportunities to convert new prospects.

All in all, we’re very happy with how this campaign performed!


Campaign Graphic

“Luxury Living in the Chicago Medical District –
Offering Up Two Months Free at The Lydian”
Email Sent 11/2/23


Open Rate


Click Rate


Click-to-Open Ratio

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Schedule A Tour


Compliment and Enhance Your Results


Retargeting Tactic

Engage with those who have shown interest, again!

We can implement a retargeting pixel in your HTML creative, allowing us to send targeted impressions to users who previously visited a website but didn’t complete an action (like a purchase). This strategy leverages their past site behavior to send personalized messages through ads (both Video and Banner), aiming to re-engage and convert them. This is an efficient method to capitalize on any interest shown by students, providing an additional opportunity to reinforce your message.    

Over the course of a month, one of our most recent re-targeting campaigns saw 50,000 impressions delivered with 755 clicks!



From a pure metric perspective, this campaign was extremely successful. However, when harnessing a “growth mindset” – incorporating a retargeting along with a second send for a future campaign will enhance The Lydian Apartments brand awareness, and “speak” to its target audience and reengage with those who have interacted with the brand, thus yielding stronger synergy and results. 


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