PeakMade RPI – Q2 2024
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The launch for Incite at Troy which was sent out on 5/1/24, has generated positive engagement. The click ratio and click-to-open ratio indicate a favorable response to both the call-to-action and the relevance of the content, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of the launch. The positive engagement reflects the effectiveness of the campaign’s messaging and call-to-action. This sets a promising foundation for future communications.

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Compliment and Enhance Your Results


Geofence Impression Based Tactic – $15 CPM


This impression-based targeting tactic works by setting up a geofence around a specific location, along with a carefully selected target audience. We typically advise a duration of 30-60 days to complement an existing campaign (some partners prefer a hands-off approach, allowing us to optimize their monthly impression-based branding!) This tactic delivers ads through mobile applications and desktop banner displays. Its primary goal is to elevate brand visibility and campaign awareness, often leading to enhanced overall performance as the demographic becomes more familiar with your brand.

We’ve witnessed impressive outcomes using this approach and would be delighted to share them with you upon request!

Email Retargeting Tactic – $19 CPM


We can implement a retargeting pixel in your HTML creative, allowing us to send targeted impressions to users who previously visited a website but didn’t complete an action (like a purchase). This strategy leverages their past site behavior to send personalized messages through ads (both Video and Banner), aiming to re-engage and convert them. This is an efficient method to capitalize on any interest shown by students, providing an additional opportunity to reinforce your message.

Over the course of a month, one of our most recent re-targeting campaigns saw 50,000 impressions delivered with 755 clicks!


Incorporating these two strategies into a future campaign will not only enhance brand awareness but also empower PeakMade to engage with those who have interacted with the brand, thus yielding stronger synergy and results throughout each tactic. 


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