College Ave Student Loans Email Campaign – Q3/2023
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College Ave’s recent email outreach successfully reached 50,000 parents, specifically targeting those with children aged 17-18 in Chicago, Houston, LA, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. The selected parents all have an income of 75k or more and possess good to excellent credit. Notably, the campaign achieved an outstanding 12.78% click-to-opens ratio, surpassing the benchmark of 10%. This impressive result indicates that the messaging resonated exceptionally well with the intended audience.

In summary, the campaign effectively engaged the target audience, demonstrating strong performance across various metrics.

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Email Retargeting Tactic


We can implement a retargeting pixel in your HTML creative, allowing us to send targeted impressions to users who previously visited a website but didn’t complete an action (like a purchase). This strategy leverages their past site behavior to send personalized messages through ads (both Video and Banner), aiming to re-engage and convert them. This is an efficient method to capitalize on any interest shown by students, providing an additional opportunity to reinforce your message.

Over the course of a month, one of our most recent re-targeting campaigns saw 50,000 impressions delivered with 755 clicks!


Integrating these two strategies into a forthcoming campaign will not only boost brand awareness but also enable College Ave to establish an additional connection with individuals who have engaged with the brand. This, in turn, will generate enhanced synergy and more robust results across each tactic.


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