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Maximize Student Engagement with College Student Marketing 

Whether you’re a brand, advertiser, enrollment marketer, or student employer, you can’t afford to overlook the lucrative college student market.

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Despite the old tropes about college students surviving off of microwavable Ramen noodles, data proves that college students like to spend money — and not just on books and tuition.

Most college students spend $6,000 a year on basic living expenses like rent, groceries, and utilities. But college students across the nation also spend $27B a year on “non-essential items” like clothes, entertainment, beauty products, and going out to eat.

It’s clear college students are key consumers that your brand can’t afford to ignore. 

But do you know how to reach college students where they are?

Whether you’re a brand, advertiser, enrollment marketer, or student employer, College Marketing Group can get you in front of college students and drive conversions.



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Maximize Brand Awareness and Conversions

It’s no secret that Gen Z is a driving force in today’s economy.

From email marketing to geotargeting to product sampling, knowing how to get in front of college students is critical to get your product into their hands.

College Marketing Group has the expertise to help you craft the perfect product marketing campaigns to make sure your brand stays ahead of the pack.

Here's where students get their college spending money

Tactics We Use

Product Sampling

  • Everyone loves free stuff — especially college students. 
  • Product samples are a low-risk way to get your products tested. Students are 84% more likely to buy a product after a sample or trial.
  • We can help deliver your products directly to students in off-campus housing or set up a station at a high-traffic on-campus location.
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Email Marketing 

  • Despite the popularity of social media, college students are still highly active email users.
  • Email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel, and allows you to stay in front of college students and their parents — from admission to graduation and beyond.
  • From content-driven newsletters to browsing automations, email marketing can bring in more college student bucks.

Social Media Marketing

  • Today’s college students are the largest users of social media in history.
  • Through viral videos and celebrity takeovers, brands are leveraging the power of social media strategies to sell their products to college students.
  • Influencer marketing on platforms like TikTok is another powerful way we help brands and advertisers build brand loyalty with college students.

Location Targeting

  • Advanced location-based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude data targets specific geographic areas like campus, dorms, events, and other high-impact areas.
  • Event targeting: Target customers who attended specific events within a specific time frame.
  • Customer loyalty: Target customers who have previously been to your brick and mortar location.
  • Competitor locations: Target customers who have recently visited one of your competitor’s locations.
  • Custom audiences: Target customers that are within or have recently visited a specific geofenced location.

Experiential Marketing

  • Although digital marketing rules the landscape right now, in-person events aren’t completely off the table.
  • We can help you make the most of social distancing by sending out street teams to educate customers about your brand or to demo a new product.
  • We can also set up freebie stations at high-traffic campus locations with in-demand items like hand sanitizer and cloth masks.

Learn more about Experiential Marketing with College Marketing Group >

Do's and don'ts of marketing to Gen Z

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Boost Your University Enrollment Numbers

College student enrollment is all about timing. Most high school students get serious about their college search during junior year, but they start thinking about college as soon as they enter high school

That means your school can’t engage with high school students early enough.

Knowing where prospective college students spend their time and how to get in front of them is critical for any college or university to connect with potential students — and their parents — at the right time. 

Maintaining your communication with students after they graduate college can also help cultivate supportive alumni. These alumni can then serve as brand ambassadors to boost and maintain your reputation and help usher in a new generation of students.

College Marketing Group has the expertise to get your school’s name in front of prospective students and on their college application lists.

Tactics We Use

Email Marketing

  • While social media is a popular channel for enrollment marketing, nearly 50% of people prefer being marketed to via email over any other channel.
  • Email is a branded experience that you control and comes with the power of segmentation, personalization, dynamic content, and automation. 
  • While marketing emails are a dime a dozen, your school can stand out with strategies like maintaining brand consistency, using A/B testing on subject lines, and writing short, easy-to-read copy.

Social Media Marketing

  • Gen Z is all over social media, and they won’t be slowing down anytime soon.
  • We’ve got proven strategies to boost enrollment numbers via TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more.
  • Influencer marketing is another powerful way to connect with future college students via social media, and we’ve got the tactics to find and utilize college student influencers to support your enrollment marketing efforts.


  • From communicating important messages about campus safety to seeking mental health resources and more, your marketing strategy is about more than just making hard sells.
  • We can help you connect with prospective college students and their parents to communicate important campus processes, announcements, and protocols to help keep everyone on campus safer and happier.
College Enrollment Marketing

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Tap Into Next-Generation Talent

Despite the way COVID-19 has changed the landscape of college student hiring, you’ve got full-time positions and summer internship roles to fill.

Today’s college students will be tomorrow’s leaders. While you may not be able to engage with future employees face-to-face, reaching students digitally is key for college student employers in 2021.

Whether you’re a local bank or national brand looking to hire students, we can help you get your open positions filled with a holistic digital marketing approach. From using Facebook to LinkedIn, paid ads to email, knowing where college students look for jobs and how to pique their interest is key to getting the best and the brightest to apply to your company.

Tactics We Use

Facebook Marketing

  • 90% of companies are promoting jobs on social media. If you aren’t on the bandwagon yet, you could be missing out on some highly qualified candidates. Even worse, you could be forfeiting their talents to your competitors.
  • Facebook can be a powerful tool to promote your workplace culture and show college students why your company is the one they want to work for. 
  • Plus, you can utilize the platform to list job opportunities and help in your hunt for the best candidates.

College Student Fairs

  • Hosting an information session and hiring for internship, part-time, or full-time roles can help put your company on the map and on the list of upcoming college grads. 
  • While social distancing is still in place, we can help you partner with a school’s career services office to meet students virtually through career fairs or other hiring events.

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Gen Z is more likely than any other generation to research companies online before applying to them. That’s why a solid presence on LinkedIn, one of the most-used hiring platforms, is crucial.
  • Most people think of LinkedIn as just a job-posting platform. But there are features on the site that you can use to build brand trust, awareness around open positions, and pique the interest of college students looking for work.

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