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Maximize Student Engagement with College Student Marketing 

Whether you’re a national brand, enrollment marketer, or student employer, you can’t afford to overlook the lucrative college student market.

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Despite the old tropes about college students surviving off of microwavable Ramen noodles, data proves that college students like to spend money — and not just on books and tuition.

Most college students spend $6,000 a year on basic living expenses like rent, groceries, and utilities. But college students across the nation also spend $27B a year on “non-essential items” like clothes, entertainment, beauty products, and going out to eat.

It’s clear college students are key consumers that your brand can’t afford to ignore. 

But do you know how to reach college students where they are?

College Marketing Group helps you engage, inspire, and convert more college students — through graduation and beyond.



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Maximize Brand Awareness and Conversions

It’s no secret that Gen Z is a driving force in today’s economy.

From email marketing to geotargeting to product sampling, knowing how to get in front of college students is critical to get your product into their hands.

College Marketing Group has the expertise to help you craft the perfect product marketing campaigns to make sure your brand stays relevant and exciting to college students — through graduation and beyond.

Here's where students get their college spending money

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Boost Your University Enrollment Numbers

College student enrollment is all about timing.

Your school needs to engage high school students and their parents before your competition does — and even before most students start to seriously consider their college choices.

From email to social media marketing and more, College Marketing Group has the expertise to get your school’s name in front of prospective students and on their college application lists.

Our Capabilities for Universities

Learn how we can help your college or university boost your enrollment numbers today!


Recruit and Retain College Student Employees

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of college student hiring. On-campus marketing and career fairs are mostly off the table (for now).

But you’ve still got full-time positions and summer internship roles to fill. If you’re an employer who relies on college students or who typically recruits graduating seniors, this presents a real challenge.

Luckily, that’s where we come in. From leveraging current employees to LinkedIn and Facebook marketing, we can help you recruit and retain the best and the brightest college student employees.

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See how we can help your company recruit more all-star college student talent today!


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