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Get in Front of High School Students with College Marketing Group

Most high school students get serious about their college search during junior year. But they start thinking about college as soon as they enter high school

That means your school can’t engage with high school students early enough.

Knowing where prospective college students spend their time and how to get in front of them is critical for any college or university to connect with potential students — and their parents — at the right time. 

Maintaining your communication with students after they graduate college can also help cultivate supportive alumni. These alumni can then serve as brand ambassadors to boost and maintain your reputation and help usher in a new generation of students

Tactics We Use

Email Marketing

  • While social media is a popular channel for enrollment marketing, nearly 50% of people prefer being marketed to via email over any other channel.
  • Email marketing to college students is a branded experience that you control, and comes with the power of segmentation, personalization, dynamic content, and automation. 
  • We can help you reach high school students and their parents by building a custom, permission-based email list based on your unique targeting goals.

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Social Media Marketing


  • From communicating important messages about campus safety to seeking mental health resources and more, your marketing strategy is about more than just making hard sells.
  • We can help you connect with prospective college students and their parents to communicate important campus protocols and announcements to help keep everyone safer and happier on campus.
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