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Target College Students with Email Marketing

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College Marketing Group creates targeted email marketing campaigns with start-ups, universities and national brands who want to engage with young adults.

Every client’s challenges are unique and we provide custom recommendations based on their needs and campaign objectives.

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Email marketing services to target college students

We're Experts in Student Email Marketing

Audience Intelligence

With our experience, network, resources and database we provide access to our clients' desired target markets.

National Reach

Coast to coast, we have a way to reach college students where they live, work, learn and play.

Campus Targeting

Looking for students attending a specific university? Or perhaps you want to target multiple markets? We can help.

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Why Email Marketing?

It’s important for brands to meet their target audience where they live and breathe in the digital space. Because consumers check email every day, email marketing is a highly effective approach to promoting a product or service while also increasing visibility and traffic.

This simple, targeted process is easily tracked and can reach individuals on any device.

Our Capabilities

Strategy and Consultation

With around 20 years of experience in the college marketing industry, CMG has launched thousands of email campaigns and we see clients return year after year. We have a diverse client portfolio, all with unique challenges and business objectives. We guide our clients through the strategy and process for messaging, college targeting, student profiling, media selection and finalizing student email lists.

We deliver cohesive and comprehensive campaigns by managing all logistics, delivery and reporting.

Email Design Expertise

Depending on our client’s needs, College Marketing Group can design email marketing campaigns from scratch, including the visual layout, copywriting, custom graphics and any custom HTML coding. We highlight our client’s branding and craft a persuasive message and compelling call-to-action.

College Parent Email Marketing

Did you know College Marketing Group can also target college parents with email marketing?

Parents buy things for their students, and students often seek parental advice and financial support when making their own purchasing decisions.

Recognizing and valuing parents’ influence, we frequently partner with our sister company, CollegiateParent, to create holistic campaign assets that target both students and their parents based on our client’s needs.

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