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Build Brand Loyalty With Product Goods Sampling

Make a powerful and positive first impression with consumer product sampling campaigns.

The impact of COVID-19 on brick and mortar shopping can’t be overstated. The risk of contracting coronavirus has driven more and more college students to stay out of public shopping spaces and stay home. 

But that doesn’t mean college students aren’t spending money — just the opposite. Despite staying home, Americans are still spending a lot of money.

Reaching students at off-campus housing, back at home, or in other higher traffic areas around campus through product sampling is an effective way for brands to stay in front of college students and their parents during this time.

Why Consumer Product Sampling?

From Costco food samples to make-up samples in the mall, we’re all familiar with the strategy of brands offering complementary products as a trial run to potential consumers.

Why does product sampling work? The psychology is simple: No matter who your target audience is, everyone loves free stuff.

84% of college students say they are more likely to purchase a product after receiving a free sample or trial. And there are even more reasons why product sampling works:

Bust Through Risk Aversion

Testing out a product doesn’t require any commitment or investment. And your audience may be less uncertain about your product if they get the chance to test it out first.

Sampling is a subtle way to encourage people to choose your brand over your competitor by giving them the opportunity to give it a test run.

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Inspire Reciprocity

When people are offered discounts or free samples, they’re often prompted to return the favor. By offering free samples, your audience will feel inspired to give back to your brand by making a purchase.

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Our Product Sampling Strategies

Strategic Distribution to High Traffic Areas

From door hangers to mail-in samples to safe, socially-distanced sample booths, we can target college students and their parents at their homes and in frequently visited locations, including:

  • Off-campus housing
  • Army, naval, and Air Force bases
  • Student centers and libraries
  • Gyms and rec centers
  • And more!

Social Media Sampling

Generation Z are some of the highest users of social media, and these numbers are only increasing as a result of more indoor time during coronavirus. 

85% of Generation Z learns about new products on social media. They’re also 59% more likely than previous generations to connect with brands through these platforms.

College students may post images and reviews of your free product samples to their social media platforms, using hashtags to spread the word to their followers.

Beyond free marketing, the positive benefits of social media samples include new and returning customers, plus valuable feedback on whether your product is hitting the mark.

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