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Summer Enrollment Campaign

The Background

The University of Chicago needed to develop a marketing and recruitment campaign for their 2020 Summer Session, focusing on two main programs: Summer Business Scholars Program (SBSP) and their brand-new Financial Math Program.

The Challenge

Like many other schools, The University of Chicago faced unprecedented obstacles during their marketing outreach due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UChicago wanted to ensure that students could continue to access these foundational programs, but in a safe and reliable manner by transitioning these summer courses to online.

College Marketing Group worked quickly with UChicago to create a plan of action to fill 110 vacancies between the two programs.

The Execution

First, College Marketing Group gathered data to rank the top 75 feeder schools likely to produce applicants for each academic program. Once the target list was finalized, CMG executed a series of email and programmatic banner ad campaigns for each summer program targeting these top feeder schools.

Email Marketing

College Marketing Group launched a series of email campaigns with a unique target audience for each summer program, strategically timed over three months:

1. Summer Business Scholars Program (SBSP)

CMG created an seven-send email campaign that targeted over 88,000 first- and second-year students who were business majors at the top 75 feeder schools.

2. Financial Math Program

CMG created an seven-send email drip campaign that targeted over 110,000 freshmen and sophomores majoring in economics, statistics, computer science and mathematics at the top 75 feeder schools.

Programmatic Advertising

Next College Marketing Group created a digital online banner campaign targeting new student applicants and retargeting students from each email campaign. CMG used keyword and search term targeting to increase CTR throughout the campaigns.

  • Uchicago's Online Summer Programs Ad

Student studying remotely at home on computer

Campaign Results

Despite unprecedented obstacles, this campaign was a great success that included the following accomplishments:

  • Increased brand awareness online with 2,000,000+ digital banner ad impressions for each summer program
  • Increased traffic with 6,912 clicks from programmatic ads
  • Landed a total of 374,322 email opens and 37,029 email clicks

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