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Super Coffee Product Sampling Campaign Boosts Brand Awareness

The Background

Super Coffee partnered with College Marketing Group to deliver coffee product samples and build brand awareness. They targeted their products and services to college students in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

The focus of the campaign was to promote Super Coffee’s wide selection of ready-to-drink and ground coffee products to all college students in the area.

Because of the pandemic, on-campus marketing was off the table as schools struggled to host in-person events and campus tours.

All products were delivered by street teams to where college students were sure to be — at home!

The Challenge

Like many brands in 2020, Super Coffee faced unique challenges with marketing outreach due to the pandemic. College Marketing Group worked quickly with Super Coffee to create a plan of action and deliver over 200,000 products to 60,000 households.

CMG and Super Coffee tapped into the power of brand ambassadors and other experiential marketing tactics(both of which are part of an overarching product sampling campaign) to successfully get the word out about their coffee.

The Execution

By leveraging CMG’s comprehensive national database of student housing locations, CMG street teams distributed customized samples with inserts on door hangers. Each packet included:

Products were delivered to student housing such as dorms, apartment buildings, and Gen Z-populated neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Product Sampling

College Marketing Group and Super Coffee used a product sampling marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and get their product into the hands of customers.

Giving out free samples is an easy and risk-free way to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Some famous examples of product sampling include food samples at Costco, or freebies after a Tupperware or Mary Kay demonstration.

Just because students are staying inside more doesn’t mean their spending habits have changed, and many people were spending more on household cleaners and alcohol.

Plus, students are 84% more likely to make a purchase after receiving a free sample. Product sampling is a great way to get your products to college students safely and reliably, making them more likely to buy your product in the future.

Experiential Marketing

College Marketing Group and Super Coffee’s marketing strategy focused on door-to-door deliveries to get their products in the hands of students.

This type of experiential marketing — using professionally trained ambassadors to boost brand awareness, hand deliver product samples, and meaningfully engage with students — is a core service CMG offers brands and advertisers.

Experiential marketing is a great way to bring your products directly to students face-to-face. College Marketing Group knows all about this, helping companies like H&M, Zaful, and TJ Maxx connect with schools and college programs across the nation.

The Results

The marketing campaign was a success, with Super Coffee hitting a 99% delivery rate. Plus, students were able to stay safe by not leaving their homes!

Here’s a brief rundown of some valuable feedback from students and their friends and families:

  • “Wow, thank you for the coffee! Two Mochas…way cool!!”
  • “My daughter uses their creamers…she will love these”
  • “This is a lot of product for a sample”
  • “Can I have more? My other roommates will want to try this…and I’m not sharing”
  • “I’m so excited to give this a try”
  • “I’ve never heard of this before…looking forward to tasting these”
  • “Are you the guys delivering the coffee to our doors? … can’t wait to try them… thanks a lot”
  • “These are free?… this is way too cool!”
  • “Thanks so much for the coffee!!!”
  • “I need a pick me up… I really like this, where can I get more??”

Jumpstart Your Product Sampling Campaign

From product sampling campaigns to experiential marketing tactics, College Marketing Group can help drive your next marketing campaign with:

  • On-campus advertising
  • College brand ambassadors
  • Event activation in urban areas
  • Nationwide street promotion
  • Experiential guerilla marketing
  • Event model staffing

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