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The Background

H&M is a multinational retail company known for offering quality fashion with reasonable prices. CMG partnered with H&M to drive traffic to store openings in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan and Vermont.

The Challenge

In order to increase foot traffic, our client wanted to spread awareness to young adults about their new store openings. H&M also wanted to communicate their textile recycling program and educate consumers on their environmental initiatives.

The Execution

CMG worked with H&M to accomplish these objectives by setting up a series of experiential activations on local campuses.

On-Campus Advertising

CMG produced experiential footprints on campuses across the United States, unsticking students from their phones to interact with H&M brand ambassadors, who told them about upcoming store openings as well as H&M’s new clothes and textile recycling program.

Students registered their email addresses at eye-catching, interactive walk-up touchscreens, and in return got their choice of branded giveaway items to bring back to their dorm or apartment: reusable stainless steel straw, EOS lip balm, recycled makeup bag, or phone wallet.

Social sharing was also encouraged with an H&M branded step and repeat banner (to bring out the students’ inner star power) and a selfie frame that read, “H&M loves ___.” Students lined up for a photo that they got to share with their friends and followers. This prompted a fun and engaging way for students to use social media to spread the word fast!

H&M On-campus Advertising Campaign with CMG

CMG produced an experiential footprint on campuses

Experiential marketing on campus

Campaign Results

College Marketing Group’s partnership with H&M was an outstanding success that led to: 

  • Thousands of branded giveaways in the hands of H&M’s target demographic
  • Hundreds of shared photos that included H&M branding
  • Social media engagement on all campuses
  • Increased brand awareness and brand loyalty with valuable face-to-face interactions
  • Line goals were crushed with hundreds of people at each store opening, plus at least 510 people waited in line at the Detroit ribbon cutting

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