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The Background

HelpJess makes online shopping easier and more exclusive than ever before. With the HelpJess app, customers can connect with personal shoppers who help them find the perfect outfit from their favorite retailers across the globe.

The Challenge

HelpJess had two main objectives: 

  1. Boost brand awareness to college students located at the University of California, Irvine.
  2. Increase user downloads for the HelpJess mobile application.

HelpJess’s mobile app has multiple features and, with an intricate business model and unique user experience, College Marketing Group needed to create an engaging way for college students to easily connect with the company’s product and mission.

The Execution

What do all college students have in common? They LOVE free stuff. In collaboration with HelpJess, we developed a sweepstakes campaign that offered an irresistible incentive for students to sign up and download the app. To promote the sweepstakes, we executed on a wide variety of marketing services including experiential marketing, digital marketing, print and digital design, copywriting and more.

Experiential Marketing

College Marketing Group produced a three-day, on-campus advertising event at the University of California, Irvine. To personify HelpJess’s fun and energetic brand, we brought in influential brand ambassadors who embody this image and could translate the product effectively.

Along with planning, on-site logistics and execution, our team of designers also created flyers, A-frames and contest stand-up banners to accompany the tent’s set up. 

Digital Marketing

Along with scaling brand awareness on campus and engaging with students face-to-face, it was vital to include a digital component to this campaign in order to turn those interactions into immediate conversions. 

College Marketing Group developed a sweepstakes landing page to host the sign-up form that was promoted during the event. Our production team also designed digital assets consisting of banner and badge ads. To top it all off, we executed a geofencing campaign to retarget students during and after the event. 

College Marketing Group's on-campus campaign for HelpJess

Campaign results

220+ application downloads

Our holistic campaign strategy was engaging and authentic and increased brand awareness for our client. The three-day event on campus had a fantastic turnout and compelled hundreds of college students to interact with HelpJess. UC Irvine’s mascot, Peter the Anteater, even showed up to the event!

HelpJess also received over 220 app downloads (60% from iOS and 40% from Android). Our geofencing campaign had a grand total of 218,271 impressions. This gave our client targeted visibility online and created a follow-up touchpoint for college students who were located within the university’s radius during our campus event. 

This campaign and partnership was a complete success. We enjoyed working with HelpJess, creating innovative solutions to their business challenges, and surpassing their expectations. 

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