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Del Monte

The Client

As The Original Plant-Based Food Company℠, Del Monte has been a cultivator and innovator of nutritious foods for families across America for over 135 years.

For the first time ever, Del Monte is bringing packaged bubble tea to grocery and retail stores throughout the U.S. through their new Joyba™ line of boba shop-inspired beverages made with real brewed tea and popping boba.


Bubble Tea is one of today’s biggest beverage trends – Del Monte wanted help promoting their new Joyba Bubble Tea drink line to on-campus students in the LA area.

  • Los Angeles colleges and universities near Target store locations, with a focus on Tailgating and sporting events
  • Drive trial and awareness of the new Joyba Bubble Tea brand and product, especially among on-campus students
  • Reach Gen Z target demographics with an interactive pop-up demonstration and sampling
  • Drive consumers to retail (especially Target stores)



57,000+ Live Event Impressions
397,474 Emails Delivered
12,000 Samples & Coupons Distributed

6,000 Premium Giveaways
1,000+ Photo Opp Participants
750 Campus Posters


It’s important for brands to meet their target audience where they live and breathe in the digital space. Because consumers check email every day, email marketing is a highly effective approach to promoting a product or service while also increasing visibility and traffic. This simple, targeted process is easily tracked and can reach individuals on any device.

Targeted, localized emails were used as a way to introduce and promote the on-campus programs. Target dates were selected to match the best historic days for send results and to not conflict with an earlier program at the same campuses. All of the second sends performed very well and had historically high and consistent click rates above 1.60%!

Subject Line: Look What’s Coming To Your Campus!
From Line: JOYBA™ Bubble Tea
Total Opens: 74,671
Total Clicks: 6,577

Joyba Bubble Tea email campaign sample – featuring the date, time, and location of the target's upcoming local event


CampusActivationBroadcastDeliveredOpensPercent OpensClicksPercent Clicks
CSU – San Bernardino10/16/2110/09/2111,9872,31119.28%1921.60%
CSU – San Bernardino10/16/2110/12/2111,9872,02216.87%1931.61%
UC – Los Angeles10/19/2110/07/2126,7614,80517.96%4261.59%
UC – Los Angeles10/19/2110/12/2126,7615,49320.53%4431.66%
CSU – Northridge10/20/2110/08/2125,0505,28921.11%4081.63%
CSU – Northridge10/20/2110/13/2125,0504,54018.21%4181.67%
UC – Irvine10/21/2110/07/2117,8643,60920.20%2821.58%
UC – Irvine10/21/2110/14/2117,8643,11117.41%2961.66%
UC – Los Angeles10/23/2110/16/2126,7614,84118.09%4521.69%
UC – Los Angeles10/23/2110/19/2126,7614,71517.62%4471.67%
CSU – Dominguez Hills10/24/2110/10/218,9521,51416.91%1451.62%
CSU – Dominguez Hills10/24/2110/17/218,9521,51216.89%1591.78%
CSU – Long Beach10/26/2110/12/2126,4614,09915.49%4091.55%
CSU – Long Beach10/26/2110/19/2126,4614,72717.86%4231.60%
UC – San Bernardino10/27/2110/20/2111,9872,54721.25%1861.55%
UC – San Bernardino10/27/2110/26/2111,9872,19318.29%2031.69%
UC – Irvine10/28/2110/14/2117,8643,07717.22%2891.62%
UC – Irvine10/28/2110/21/2117,8643,33818.69%2861.60%
CSU – Northridge10/30/2110/23/2125,0505,06820.23%3841.53%
CSU – Northridge10/30/2110/26/2125,0505,86023.39%5362.14%

Location Media

Posters were placed at each campus a minimum of one week before each of the events. This on-campus creative helped target the student body directly, leading to more engagements and interactions at our events while advertising the product.

College Marketing Group offers a variety of location media services to spread brand awareness and communicate your message in a memorable, widespread manner.

We have nationwide campus access and can target any university in the country.

Sample the Joy Joyba sampling event poster sample


CMG’s go-to partner Svedvik handled the on-campus sampling tour across 10 campus events throughout October, 2021.

Street Teams are a great campus community engagement tactic. Brand ambassadors create a dialogue between the brand and students to convey your message like no other media. Our experienced ambassadors are also able to adapt appropriately during the course of the campaign – our ambassadors immediately recognized there was some confusion around how the straw worked, and adjusted talking points quickly to include instructions.

Students were very eager to interact and spend more time in the footprint allowing the team increased engagement and product education opportunities. Participants were encouraged to take a photo against the branded backdrop, post to social media, and earn a spin of the prize wheel for a chance at winning premium gift cards, t-shirts, sunglasses, cell phone wallets, or Airpod cases. And of course, try out the refreshing new drink from Del Monte.

DayDateEvent ActivationLocationTimeEst Attendance
SaturdayOctober 16CSU – San Bernardino | Homecoming Student BashCoyote Commons4p – 7p2,000
TuesdayOctober 19UC – Los Angeles | On-CampusBruin Plaza10a – 2p8,000
WednesdayOctober 20CSU – Northridge | Men's Soccer GameMatador Soccer Field4p – 7p600
ThursdayOctober 21UC – Irvine | On-CampusAnteaters Rec Center5p – 8p1,000 – 1,500
SaturdayOctober 23UC – Los Angeles | Homecoming GameRose Bowl Stadium8:30a – 12:30p40,000
SundayOctober 24CSU – Dominguez Hills | Men's & Women's SoccerDignity Health Sports Park1:30p – 6:30p1,000
TuesdayOctober 26CSU – Long Beach | On-CampusRec Center3p – 7p1,000 – 1,500
WednesdayOctober 27CSU – San Bernardino | On-CampusCoyote Walk10a – 2p1,000
ThursdayOctober 28UC – Irvine | Women's Soccer Pride NightAnteater Stadium4p – 7p500 – 900
SaturdayOctober 30CSU – Northridge | Men's Soccer GameMatador Soccer Field4p – 7p600

Students line up for a chance to spin the prize wheel at the Joyba campus activation event


The preliminary email and postering programs built hype and anticipation around the product and upcoming sampling events, ensuring a successful ten activations across six campuses over just two weeks.

Consumer Reaction Quotes: “I can’t get enough of this Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea –  really hits the taste buds!” ; “I love Joyba, I’ve bought some in the store already!” ; “The coupon is the best, every dollar saved is must in college!” ; “Could this taste any more refreshing? Completely caught me off guard –  this freakin' tastes great!” ; “Me and my roommates have Joyba mania going on.”
– Consumer Reaction Quotes

Surveys conducted at the samplings showed that most students were previously aware of & drinking Boba teas. With very few exceptions, all respondents wanted Joyba on-campus. Overall sentiment was extremely positive, and anticipated intent-to-purchase frequency strong. In total, 338 students participated in the survey.  Participants’ birth years ranged from 1999  to 2004.

  • "Is JOYBA Bubble Tea a beverage you would like to see available on your campus?" 92.5% say yes
    Is JOYBA Bubble Tea a beverage you would like to see available on your campus?