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College Move-In Campaign Boosts Product Sales

The Background

XFINITY/Comcast partnered with College Marketing Group to increase the reach of XFINITY’s products and services to college students.

The focus was to increase the use of XFINITY On Campus — a live and on-demand TV service included in student fees. Another goal was to demonstrate its value to campus decision-makers in hopes of securing a contract renewal.

The Challenge

Like many brands, XFINITY faced unprecedented obstacles during their marketing outreach due to the COVID-19 pandemic. College Marketing Group worked quickly with XFINITY to create a plan of action to increase usage of XFINITY On Campus through campus-wide marketing.

College Marketing Group and XFINITY got the word out using an XFINITY Move-In Crew. A team of brand ambassadors (armed with face masks) arrived to help college students move into their apartments and dorms during busy campus move-in weekends.

The Execution

From Friday, August 21 through Monday, August 24, the Move-In Crews met with students at the University of Maryland, Towson University, James Madison University, and Virginia Tech University. They visited on- and off-campus locations, such as apartment buildings, dormitories, and halls with high foot traffic.

Product Sampling

To increase brand awareness, they tapped into the power of free product sampling by distributing flyers, touch tools, sunglasses, and selfie lights.

Giving out free samples is one of the most effective ways to build brand trust and test out products risk-free.

Like most of us, Generation Z loves free stuff. Research shows college students are 84% more likely to make a purchase after receiving a free sample, making product sampling a highly effective marketing strategy for brands looking to reach college students.

Brand Ambassadors

The campaign also used student brand ambassadors to help college students and their families move into their new homes and distribute swag.

To beat the heat, the crew distributed ice-cold water bottles and XFINITY branded sunglasses to movers — all from an eye-catching branded tricycle.

In addition to the branded swag, the ambassadors were ready to educate students with valuable information about exclusive cable and high-speed internet offers.

College Marketing Groups knows all about the power of brand ambassadors and evangelists. Students are more likely to trust their peers when making a purchasing decision. And if students are sporting these branded items, they’re pretty much a walking and talking billboard for your products!

Experiential Marketing

Much of the Move-In Program’s marketing strategy relied on in-person engagement and crafting a memorable experience for students.

These tactics fall under experiential marketing — using professionally-trained ambassadors to deliver brand messaging, distribute product samples, and authentically engage with students.

Experiential marketing is a great way to generate buzz and connect your brand to students face-to-face. College Marketing Group knows all about this, bridging the gap between companies like H&M, Goodwill, and Great Clips with various colleges and universities across the nation.

The Results

The XFINITY Move-In Program was a success. Campus move-ins are hectic and the extra help was appreciated. Also, distributing ice-cold water and sunglasses was a perfect move to combat the summer heat.

The proof is in the reviews — check out what some of the students had to say about this campaign:

  • “I’ve been hearing about you guys!”
  • “I will definitely check you guys out. I’m a big gamer, so I need lightning fast internet speeds.”
  • “We don’t have this service but would like to because the apartments internet is so slow.”
  • “That’s so sweet of you guys to bring us water”
  • “The fact that you are all doing thoughtful gesture during a pandemic keeps me loyal to the XFINITY Brand for life.”
  • “Your timing is perfect; we could use the help.”
  • “XFINITY is all being creative with their brand…Touch Tools are an amazing idea!”

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