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On-Campus Location Media

Visible Media That Gets Students Talking

Display your brand’s message on campus with location media. Ask for a recommendation, or you pick the schools you want and our team will handle printing, shipping, distribution, and placement.


  • Nationwide campus access
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • On-Campus or urban areas
  • Postering, Static Clings, Sidewalk Vinyl, and Custom Display Media
On-campus location media advertisement from College Marketing Group

We’re a good fit for you if:

You Need Campaign Help.

You need help connecting with students in the college space about your products and services.

You Need Brand Targeting.

You need your brand’s presence felt on campus in their world.

You Need New Tactics.

You need new tactics because traditional advertising falls short with on-campus coverage, student engagement, and connecting to this audience.

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Strategy & Tactics

Posters are placed around campus on designated message boards, at the entrance to buildings, study halls, dorms, cafeterias, high traffic public areas, hallways, indoors, and outdoors.

Static clings, or mirror/wall clings are placed around campus in unsuspecting locations. This type of “found” media offers a higher quality impression with an increased likelihood of recall. Use them in bathrooms, on drinking fountains, benches, windows, mirrors, and public areas where students will be.

Sidewalk vinyl are placed around campus on high traffic walkways using a non-permanent adhesive. These impactful graphics deliver lasting impressions to students on the move and in their environment.

Posters, static clings, sidewalk vinyl, and mobile billboards are available for guerilla placement on all campuses and public areas. We offer full service planning, printing, placement, and reporting.

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