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Marketing to Gen Z

How College Student Marketing Presents a Unique Way to Connect

Did you know that 40% of all shopping in 2020 will be done by Gen Zers? The college environment presents many effective opportunities to connect with Gen Z such as location media, event sponsorships, experiential marketing with student ambassadors, targeted digital marketing and more.

Here at College Marketing Group, we use all these tactics and they are proven to work. Some of the world’s biggest brands, including H&M, Goodwill, and Adobe, partner with us because of our nationwide access to college campuses.

Take a closer look at the some of the marketing campaigns we’ve spearheaded for global brands > 

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What Makes Gen Z Different?


They are the first generation to have grown up with the internet, smartphones, and social media


Gen Z is more skeptical than Millennials, with a critical eye toward institutions and politics and a strong sense of what is and isn’t worth their time


Gen Z makes up over 25% of the U.S. population, making them the largest generation today

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How Does College Marketing Work?

Each college marketing campaign is built from the ground up, totally customized to your brand’s needs and goals. We can target specific schools or run nationwide campaigns to raise awareness with Gen Z across the board.

An activation can be as simple as a location media campaign with posters, static clings, sidewalk vinyl, and custom displays. Or it can extend to experiential marketing and giveaways, complete with on-campus experiences maintained by teams of student brand ambassadors.

And we always supplement our campaigns with a digital marketing strategy, enabling your brand to connect with students beyond the moment. That includes driving leads through email sign-ups and social media follows; creating engaging online experiences with video, hashtags, and more; and targeting college students with online advertising.

Our team is dedicated to providing thoughtful student marketing strategies and delivering measurable results.

Remember, when you’re marketing to college students, you’re marketing to Gen Z.

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