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Experiential Marketing

Build Experiences. Become Unforgettable.

Generating buzz and building awareness on campus requires creativity. Allow our team to bring your brand to life with event activations, street teams, and brand ambassadors.


  • Nationwide street promotion
  • On-campus or in urban areas
  • Professional staff models
  • College Brand Ambassadors
  • Stealth or permission based projects

We’re a good fit for you if:

You Need Resources.

You need a partner with the resources and experience to effectively manage an experiential event from start to finish.

You Need to Engage with Students at the Highest Level

You want to make a big splash on campus that is memorable and will burn your brands message in the minds of all students that engage.

You Need New Tactics

You need new tactics because traditional advertising falls short with on-campus coverage, student engagement, and connecting to this audience.

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Strategy & Tactics

No advertising quite delivers the impact of in-person engagement. Professionally trained brand ambassadors talking about your brand will create a memorable experience for your customers. CMG has the talent and latest buzz marketing tactics to make sure your brand becomes unforgettable.

Street Teams are a great campus community engagement tactic. Brand Ambassadors create a dialogue between the brand and students to convey your message like no other media. Use street teams to deliver brand messaging, distribute product samples, drive traffic and provide instant consumer feedback.

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