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Reach college students and parents with targeted digital marketing campaigns.

The impacts of COVID-19 on college student enrollment can’t be understated. While many colleges and universities have already adopted digital marketing tactics to reach college students, a sophisticated, holistic digital marketing strategy has never been more critical for reaching prospective students and their parents.


Why University Enrollment Marketing?

Enrollment marketers in higher education face an uphill battle to attract, recruit, and retain new students.

With the impact of coronavirus, traditional enrollment methods are nearly impossible. Plus, years of deep cuts in state funding for public colleges and universities (combined with increased operational costs) have created barriers to growing a healthy pipeline of prospective tuition-paying students.

With a strategic digital enrollment marketing plan in place, your university, college, or specific program can make the most of your resources, drive increased applications, and meet your recruitment goals.



Our Digital Marketing Enrollment Strategies

College Marketing Group works with colleges and universities across the U.S. to engage with the high school and college student market to increase admission applications for spring, summer, and fall semesters through effective and strategic digital marketing campaigns.

Gen Z on campus

Email Marketing

Social media is a popular channel for higher education enrollment marketing, but nearly 50% of people prefer being marketed to via email than any other channel.

Email is a branded experience that you control, and comes with the power of segmentation, personalization, dynamic content, and automation.

Of course, marketing emails are a dime a dozen. Standing out in students’ email inboxes isn’t necessarily easy.

We can make your school’s enrollment email marketing efforts as effective as possible — from taking a mobile-first approach, to optimizing email subject lines for higher open rates, to using segmentation to speak to potential students wherever they are in the college decision process.

Social Media Marketing

College students are all over social media, and their favorite platforms are Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat, followed closely by Facebook. And the numbers don’t lie — two-thirds of high schoolers say that social media affects where they decide to go to college.

The most forward-thinking schools are already capitalizing on using social media to capture the attention of new students and increase enrollment. From highlighting on-campus life to showing off the latest big wins of faculty and alumni, we can make sure your school is using social media to its fullest to increase student enrollment.

College influencer marketing

Video Marketing

YouTube and Snapchat are inherently video based, and on Facebook, video posts get 60% more engagement than any other type of post.

On Instagram, the rising popularity of Instagram Stories has changed how we’re thinking about that platform — videos are much more popular in Stories than in the normal newsfeed.

That means that your school should be putting a big priority on video content.

YouTube Marketing

Out of all the ways to reach Gen Z online, YouTube is one of the most powerful. Over 90% of Generation Z uses YouTube, with 60% showing increased time spent on the platform in the last year.

For universities looking to attract more students and boost enrollment, YouTube is a powerful platform. Video continues to be one of the best college marketing ideas to connect with inbound college students, which means you can’t afford to neglect YouTube marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Universities are using Facebook to attract new enrollees, get more transfer students, and to communicate with their current student bodies.

But the schools that are on top of their Facebook games are doing much more than that — they use the social platform to promote campus culture, share student and alumni stories, boast about their accolades, and more. College Marketing Group has the expertise and experience to make your school’s Facebook marketing game stronger than all the rest.

Retargeting Ads

Of all the ways to reach college students online, one of the most effective is talking to their parents.

Retargeting ads are a powerful tool because most college parents who visit your site don’t convert — at least not on the first visit.

With tactics like pixeling from specific URLs and offering unique lead magnets, we can bring college students and their parents back to your website, keeping them engaged and their sights set on your school.

Geo-Fencing – Location Targeting

Advanced location-based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude data targets specific geographic areas like campus, dorms, and other high-impact areas. You can target:

  • Students who have previously visited your University
  • Students who have recently visited another University
  • Students that are within or have recently visited a specific geo-fenced location
  • Students who have attended specific events within a specific time frame

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