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Digital Marketing

Connect with Students Where They Spend Their Time, Online

Digital marketing is the thread that ties your college marketing strategy together. Make sure it’s being handled by experts who know how to reach your college audience. We offer a full suite of online digital marketing services with a focus on serving ads to students wherever they are and targeting those who are demonstrating intent to convert.


  • Target college audience through search, context, location, and recency
  • Serve ads cross-platform – mobile, video, display, native
  • Optimization by time of day, device type, day of week, frequency, content, location, ad creative, and search terms
  • Full reporting metrics – impressions, clicks, views, conversions
  • Email targeting by school, geographic area, degree, year in school, gender, race, age, hobbies/interests, parents of students

We’re a good fit for you if:

You Need Campaign Help.

You need help connecting with students where they spend most of their time, online!

You Need Measurable Results.

You need reports showing who’s responding, engaging with your products and services online.

You Need Brand Targeting.

You need a targeted online campaign with less waste and more focus on conversions.

Get Better at Your Job!

Get curated college student marketing content directly to your inbox every month, then blow them away at work.

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Strategy & Tactics

There are many effective digital marketing tactics that accomplish different things. We use all of them. You need a partner that knows how to turn these tactics into conversions. We can reach college students online at every level of engagement. Instead of passively waiting for users to find
an online ad, we find the college user and serve your ads where they go. This is done by geo-fencing mobile devices on campus, geo-targeting ip addresses, re-targeting website visits, identifying online behaviors, and pulling all online data resources needed to make the campaign successful. The concentration of ads served changes based on what’s producing the best results.

You can also directly message your college student targets with an email blast to their private address. CMG will build a custom list of people based on your unique targeting goals and send your email to all the recipients. User lists are permission-based and comply with all laws and best

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