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Digital Marketing Solutions to Reach College Students

Engage with Students Online

Digital marketing is the thread that ties your college marketing strategy together. Make sure it’s being handled by experts who know how to reach your college audience. College Marketing Group offers a wide variety of services that can help your business increase brand awareness, drive traffic and convert leads.

CMG offers:

  • Email marketing
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Facebook marketing
  • Social media influencers
  • Copywriting
  • Design expertise
  • Custom multimedia campaigns

Every client’s challenges are unique and we create dynamic, multi-channel solutions based on your goals and objectives.

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College Marketing group digital marketing helps brands and universities reach college students

We’re a good fit for you if:

You Need Resources.

We have the expertise to manage your marketing campaign from start to finish.

You Need Measurable Results.

We take a data driven approach and will supply detailed reporting to back it up.

You Need Brand Targeting.

We can connect you with college students where they spend their time, online!

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Strategy & Tactics

Email Marketing

Reach college students by sending a message straight to their inbox. CMG can build a custom list based on your targeting goals: university, degree program, year in school, gender, age, interests and more. We’ll guide you through targeting strategy, messaging and email design, while managing your campaign launch.

Programmatic Advertising

Instead of waiting for users to find an ad online, we’ll locate your audience and serve targeted ads in real time. This is done by geo-fencing mobile devices on campus, geo-targeting IP addresses, search and contextual keyword targeting, identifying online behaviors and more!

Facebook Advertising

Our team of digital experts drive traffic and leads that convert. We handle strategy, ad development, ad optimization, monitoring and reporting. 

Social Media Influencers

Small businesses, non-profits, universities and national brands use College Marketing Group to improve their online presence and boost social media engagement. Our influencers will help spread your brand’s awareness at scale. 

Copywriting and Design

CMG’s team of copywriters and designers develop targeted messaging and attention-grabbing design for any customer lacking the necessary resources.

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