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Connecting with College Students Off Campus

Colleges across the nation are closing their campuses to keep students and the community safe from the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is a difficult time for everyone, including brands and student employers who count on college student marketing as an integral part of their advertising and recruiting strategies.

With campuses closing, career fairs are off the table, and the traditional avenue of on-campus marketing isn’t an option for the rest of the spring semester.

Although we all hope that life will return to normal sooner than later, you have a business to run now. And after the coronavirus has come and gone, you don’t want to be playing catch up.

So how can brands and employers safely and responsibly connect with college students off campus? The key is digital marketing.

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College Marketing group digital marketing helps brands and universities reach college students

College Marketing Group is Here to Help You Keep Your Business Up and Running

Digital marketing lets you connect with college students no matter where they are. College Marketing Group can help you successfully execute your advertising and recruiting efforts by:

  • Targeting students with Facebook ads based on where they live, their parents’ income, age, interests, and more
  • Email list building and segmented email marketing for each of your college student personas and their parents
  • Organic content ideation and creation to continually engage with college students online
  • Serving ads across platforms with programmatic advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Customized multimedia campaigns

College Marketing Group can help you grow your online presence now, so you can continue to connect with college students long after this challenge has passed.

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