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How to Market Your College to High Schoolers: A Year-By-Year Guide

As a university, there are a lot of different ways to boost enrollment numbers: Build an engaged social...


10 Features of Successful University Facebook Profiles

As part of our ongoing series looking at the colleges that are winning at social media marketing, we’re...


How to Get More Students to Seek Help for Mental Health

In the past, talking about mental health was a taboo subject. If you struggled with anxiety, depression, or...


Why Colleges Need to Educate Students About Money

There have been more and more news reports in recent years about banks targeting college students with high-interest,...


How Your College Can Reach Gen Z (and Boost Enrollment, Too)

Every new generation of college students is a little different than the one who came before. That’s why...


How to Attract More Transfer Students to Your University

A trend that we’ve seen developing over the last few years is the increase of transfer students applying...


When is the Best Time to Host a College Career Fair?

Many universities host college career fairs as a way to support undergrads and soon-to-be grads in the job...


5 Ways to Reach College Parents with Retargeting Ads

Whether you’re a national brand, an advertising firm, or university, the college student market is one you can’t...


5 Ways Universities Are Boosting Enrollment with Social Media

If you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of trends for marketing products to college students, then you...