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College Marketing Group works with colleges and universities across the U.S. to help them engage with the high school and college student market and increase admission applications for spring, summer and fall.

Every client’s challenges are unique. From strategy to implementation, we provide custom recommendations on media solutions that match a client’s needs and ensure they meet their goals.

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How College Marketing Group can help Universities Boost Student Enrollment

We're Experts in College Student Marketing

Audience Intelligence

Our experience, network, resources and database power access to our clients' desired target markets.

National Reach

Coast to coast, we have a way to reach college students where they live, work, learn and play.

Digital Marketing

Millenials and Gen Z live in a vast digital world. We provide customized solutions that produce measurable results.

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Our Capabilities

Strategy and Consultation

With around 20 years of experience marketing in the campus environment and reaching students online, we guide our clients through the strategy and process for messaging, college targeting, student profiling and media selection.

On-Campus Location Media

College Marketing has become the go-to among brands that need help identifying, buying and managing projects like postering, static clings, sidewalk vinyl and custom display media.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a crucial strategy for clients targeting teens and young adults. We utilize tactics like email marketing, online sweepstakes, geofencing, geotargeting, copywriting and more to create impactful and measurable results. We also offer full-service programmatic buying of online display, video, mobile, social, streaming radio and connected TV.

College Parent Marketing

Students seek parental advice and financial support when making big decisions like choosing a college or graduate program. Recognizing and valuing parents’ influence, we frequently partner with our sister company, CollegiateParent, to create holistic campaign assets that target both students and their parents.

We deliver cohesive and comprehensive campaigns by managing all planning, logistics and execution.

Contact us to learn more about our marketing services and how we can help you reach your enrollment goals.

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