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Winning the War for College Talent

By collegemktgrp | May 22, 2017 | Student Employers

The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) published a book called “Winning the War For College Talent.” To develop the content, they asked experts in the university relations, recruiting, and marketing space to help write the book. Tom Borgerding, president and CEO of College Marketing Group, was asked to write a chapter. Below is an overview of the content Tom provided. To read the full chapter and hear from other experts in the space, you can purchase the book at this link.

Here’s an overview of the book: Entry-level, college-educated talent is vital to the success of any organization, and the competition for that talent can be fierce. Through the varied perspectives of multiple experts, this book offers insights and best practices on how to successfully identify, attract, and effectively recruit college talent.

The chapter called “Trending Toward Something New” outlines the following changes happening in recruitment and branding:

  1. Creating “Intentional Engagement” in conversations, interviews, and updates with candidates.
  2. Using the Applicant Journey to define the content used on company career pages. The Applicant Journey includes these stages: (A) Awareness of the career path/opportunity, (B) Consideration of a career in the fields you are hiring for, and (C) the Decision between your company and the benefits/opportunities available versus other companies.
  3. Using Personas to help target the right candidates. The use of Personas helps make the marketing and messaging unique for the ideal candidates.
  4. Using each of these stages within the Applicant Funnel to create effective and efficient recruitment, branding, and marketing.

Ultimately, recruiting is changing … and fast. The expectations of Millennials and Gen Z have changed as well. They expect immediacy, responsiveness, and access to people and information. Use technology and well-defined targeting to the advantage of the recruitment team and company. The opportunity to modernize and customize your recruitment efforts is available now.

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