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Where Do College Students Look for Job Opportunities?

By collegemktgrp | April 26, 2019 | Student Employers

If you’re an employer looking to recruit college students, you’re in luck. They’re a demographic that never dries up, and their main goal after college is to put that degree to use by finding a place in the workforce.

More than 80% of students cite the prospect of a job as a critical factor in their decision to go to college. But beyond securing a post-grad position, students who work while getting their degree reap their own benefits.

Research shows that students who work part-time while going to school have higher retention rates than students who don’t work at all. Plus, working part- or full-time provides college students with extra spending cash — something college students are all too happy to put to use.

As an employer, you don’t need to worry about convincing college students to want a job — early 40% of undergrads and 76% of grad students work at least 30 hours a week.

Your challenge as an employer is to make sure you know how to market to college students effectively. The best place to start? Understanding where college students look for job opportunities.

Here are the top 4 ways college students search for jobs and what your company can do to get their attention.

1. College Career Service Centers

For both underclassmen and graduating students, the career service center is an optimal resource for college students to find employment opportunities. In 2016, over half of all college grads visited their school’s career services offices as undergrad.

Career service centers help college students with job and internship listings, set them up with job shadowing and recruiting programs, inform them about upcoming job fairs, and more. That’s why college career offices should be one of your main points of contact to find college student applicants.

Make sure your company is at the top of their list of local employers looking to hire college students. Stay involved in their career fairs and internship and job placement programs. Volunteer to visit campus and talk to curious applicants about your company’s offerings.

2. Online Recruiting Platforms

More and more, college students are relying on online research to find employment opportunities. In the fourth quarter of 2016, 67% of unemployed and 61% of employed internet users between 16 and 24 years old had visited a job or recruitment website in the past month.

Make sure your company lists open job positions across all major recruitment platforms, and that you have a fully fleshed-out profile so students can learn more about your company. Your company website should also be updated so when curious applicants Google you, they’ll be impressed by your professional design and easy user experience.

Below are 9 major recruitment platforms where you should list your job openings:

There are also online recruitment platforms that specialize in connecting college students and recent grads with employment opportunities:

3. College Job Fairs

Many colleges host job fairs both on- and off-campus. Some fairs focus on one specific industry or area of study, while others are general career fairs where companies can get the word out about job openings and internships.

Job fairs are yet another great reason to have a strong relationship with college career service centers — you can make sure your company gets a booth at the upcoming event. Be prepared to talk to students about the benefits of working with your company, as well as provide information about specific job openings.

If you plan on interviewing college students for a specific position at the job fair, be sure to work with the university to make an announcement in advance so students can come prepared. You’ll also want to blast your social media platforms with this information.

4. Social Media Platforms

More and more companies and recruiters are making it a priority to get in front of college students where they spend a big chunk of their time: on social media.

In a survey of HR professionals in the US, over 90% of companies are using social media platforms in their hiring process. The same study shows that job recruiters found a dramatic increase in both the quality and quantity of candidates they recruited through social media.

If your company isn’t using major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build awareness and trust with college students, you could be missing out on qualified candidates for your open positions.

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