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Using Links in Job Descriptions

By collegemktgrp | October 5, 2017 | Student Employers

The Problem: Students don’t spend time on employer career pages to find open job postings. We’ve had the opportunity to work with and watch college students look for companies they would want to work, as well as, look at specific jobs/roles within those organizations. One thing we consistently see is a lack depth of student knowledge of the employer’s brand and opportunities beyond the jobs posted. Students don’t spent much time on employer career pages beyond searching for open positions. This means that the investment and resources employers are using to build great websites, great videos, and testimonials are not being seen or used as often as they’d like.

What do we need to do about this lack of engagement and knowledge? First, ensure your job postings have a background on the business, culture and bigger picture opportunities available. Second, include links to your corporate culture, testimonials and videos pages to your job postings. Make it easy for students to get to that content.

We know this seems a little contrary to the idea of “if they are looking at the job we don’t want to distract them from applying” theory. This is a fair argument. Adding links to outside pages to job descriptions may drive people away from the page to apply. We submit to you, providing students with the ability to look at those pages may lead more of the right candidates to apply rather than drive them away.

This may sound easy, but it’s something we haven’t seen employers using. Students quickly look through the job postings on the company website, job board, career center website and quickly decide if they are interested (or not) in your company. Most companies provide an overview of their business, but rarely do companies include links to other pages on their website, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and others that would help close the circle of understanding about the company and opportunity.

The Recommendation: Start using links in job postings. If a job posting board does not allow for external links, then include the link(s) or a short URL(s) as plain text. Give students the chance to really learn more about why your company is ideal for them. The job posting is typically a one way street to either leave the site completely or only go through the application process. Give them a real chance to get learn more about your company and what that can mean. Don’t let the investment you’ve made in defining corporate culture, videos, testimonials, etc. go to waste.

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