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Tips for marketing to college students during finals week

By collegemktgrp | May 17, 2016 | Uncategorized

Finals week (a.k.a. Hell Week) on campus is a stressful time of year for college students across the United States. Fall and spring final exam weeks, nonetheless, are favorites for brands that want to get into the mix and market to students on campus. Unfortunately, too many brands are going about it all wrong. College Marketing leads a small research group of Minnesota students who provide valuable insights about trends, styles, brand affinities, and advertising preferences for today’s college youth. We recently asked their opinions about finals week and what they want from brands that are marketing to them during this time frame. The results were eye-opening and were recently published in our April edition of “The Campus Outlook” college student panel report.

Our panel actually described finals week as “finals month” because it seemed to stretch far beyond a solitary “week” at the end of the semester. Many students cited their propensity for procrastination on starting their cramming or final papers. One student told us that she has to make her apartment spotless before she can begin to study for finals but readily admits that it’s just a stall tactic.

Overwhelmingly, the panel felt that brand and school interactions with them missed the mark and that brands expected them to spend too much time with on-campus events. With so much to do for class, a student’s time is limited. Just walk around campus during finals, and you’ll see evidence of this through their hurried and stressed expressions.

To read student comments about finals week and brand marketing, download our April report here for free.

The report addresses:

  • What do students do to reduce stress during finals?
  • What do students hate about campus events during finals week?
  • What should brands give students during finals week?

“The Campus Outlook” report also includes additional student research on color and design, call-to-action buttons, and streaming music.

Download the report here

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