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The Best Ways to Prepare Your Brand for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By collegemktgrp | October 22, 2021 | Brands/Advertisers

Black Friday is coming — and like all e-commerce retailers, now’s the time to gear up for one of the most important sale days of the year. Are you optimizing your Black Friday Marketing strategy to increase sales and margins?

What started as a one-day affair has now extended to a 5-day shopping event that starts Thanksgiving day and ends on Cyber Monday. That means you’ve got to be ready to reach college students and their parents while they’re primed for shopping. And one of the best ways to do this is through your email marketing strategy. 

From building your list to strategic segmentation, here are 5 ways your brand can make the most of Black Friday this year.

1. Build Your Black Friday Email List 

It’s critical to help prime your audience for Black Friday sales well in advance.  

As a marketer, you know the impact of email marketing in driving sales. That means you need to increase your list well before Black Friday hits to make your sales emails as effective as possible. 

A few weeks before the big day, create an email pop-up targeting new visitors and subscribers interested in your Black Friday offers. Three email offers you can use are: 

  1. Time-sensitive emails that create a sense of urgency for the readers to act fast. 
  2. Highly discounted offers. 
  3. Tiered discount offers to help increase your average order value. 

You can incentivize new visitors by offering free shipping or gifts depending on your budget. Email pop-ups should excite readers by mentioning they’ll receive the best Black Friday sales and special offers if they subscribe to your list.

2. Drop Teasers Early  

An effective way to create buzz and hype about your upcoming Black Friday deals is to drop some early teasers to your email audience to get them excited and ready to shop. 

Include a banner in your email that links to a landing page with information about upcoming sales, discounts, and specials. This can go a long way in helping you identify your most engaged customers.  

It’ll also come in handy in helping you create your Black Friday VIP list, which we discuss further below. 

If the 2020 Black Friday trends are any indicator for what may come this year, dropping early Black Friday sales hints will entice your target audience to take action: 

  • Macy’s Sneak Peak happened in the first week of November in 2020. 
  • Target started launching weekly deals every Thursday as early as the last week of October 2020. The brand also started making customer price adjustments as early as the first week of November. 

The prediction in 2021 is that major retailers will start dropping ads at midnight on November 1, 2021. So make sure your brand is ready to launch when the competition does!

3. Get Creative with Your Deliverability 

Your email deliverability is your brand’s reputation with various internet service providers. If your reputation is good, they’re more likely to deliver emails into your audience’s inbox instead of the spam box. 

While you may want to send an onslaught of emails over the Cyber Weekend, doing so can hurt your reputation and lead to lost revenue during this critical sales weekend.  

Focus on best practices and sending emails in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. The following tips can help you maximize your deliverability without damaging your reputation: 

Encourage safety 

  • Safe listing refers to asking your email recipients to move your email address to the primary tab.  

Reengage your readers organically 

  • You can win back inactive email contacts by urging them to interact with you months before Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. 
  • For example, you could say you don’t want them to miss out on exclusive, email-only offers. By encouraging their interaction with your outreach emails, you can put them back into the engaged list where they’ll see all your Black Friday emails. 

4. Determine VIPs By More Than Amount Spent 

Your email list is one of your brand’s most valuable assets. You can use it to identify the college students and parents that have spent the most money on your brand, and gather insights for potential rewards programs. 

Identifying the most engaged users is essential to creating targeted content for this audience. The more often customers interact with your brand, the more likely they’ll become long-lasting and high-value customers.

5. Enhance Your Pre-Holiday Strategy

Your Black Friday campaign strategy should make your upcoming sales and offers clear to college students and their parents. In doing so, you can even drive sales before the big sales weekend hits. 

Create an automation strategy to capture the attention of shoppers who abandon their carts mid-shop before Black Friday hits. Let them know the item or product your readers are interested in may not be in stock for much longer due to upcoming Black Friday promos and sales. 

Black Friday Take-Aways for Brands 

If your brand doesn’t have your Cyber 5 strategy ironed out yet, now’s the time. Remember the following best practices as you get started: 

  • Send your messages to large audiences and remember to mix in engaged messages for all of your personas. 
  • Don’t send multiple emails daily without checking their performance. 
  • Avoid blanket discounts.
  • Reward your highly engaged and high-value customers for their engagement throughout the year. 

Make the Most of Your Marketing All Year Long 

You can do a lot as a brand to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But the creativity doesn’t have to stop once the holidays are over.  

At CMG, we’re here to help you capitalize on marketing trends and build trust with your audiences long after the holiday shopping season is over. 

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