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The Best Print and Digital Marketing Resource for Universities

By collegemktgrp | January 26, 2022 | Universities

It’s always a hectic time of year for university marketing departments! Right now, you’re likely slammed with promoting upcoming campus events with graduation looming in the not so distant future.

We know how important it is to reach college students, their parents, and school advertisers all year round. That’s why we partner with CollegiateParent to offer holistic wrap-around marketing services for brands that wish to connect with colleges and universities. 

CollegiateParent offers print materials, educational resources, and more so your university can connect with college students and their families — saving you time and money while supporting you with accessibility compliance. 

What is CollegiateParent? 

When the school year heats up, there’s an endless to-do list for university marketing departments. Student groups need health and safety flyers, campus events need social media posts, and university fundraisers need tables, tents, and promotional materials.  

Don’t let your to-do list overwhelm you! At CollegiateParent, we partner with your university to draft and design important print collateral for all your on-campus needs.  

This includes:  

  • Pocket maps 
  • Posters
  • eNewsletters
  • Social Media 
  • Calendars 
  • Welcome packets 
  • Move-in guides 
  • And more! 

While Gen Z is used to phones and apps, Gen X and Millennial parents still really appreciate having something to hold in their hands when walking around campus, moving their kids into the dorms, and learning about campus resources.  

“It really helps us stand out at orientation when we hand our Parent & Family Guide to parents,” a representative from Kennesaw State University told us. “They love tangibles. Print is still relevant!”  

Why Choose CollegiateParent? 

CollegiateParent is the outlet for connecting your brand with parents of college students through their unique relationships, custom publications, and access to the parent audience.

Our digital and print communications help you connect with college students and their families and keep them informed year-round.  

We expand your university communication strategy to help college students and their parents with everything from finances to roommates to health and more.  

CollegiateParent’s capabilities take some of the burdens off your marketing department so you can stay ahead of the game all year long. Whether it’s orientation, move-in, family weekend, or fundraising, we’ll develop unique solutions tailored just for you and your audience of students and families.  

We work across all departments and university programs, which means your marketing plans will have holistic coordination with what’s going on all over campus.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has made staying on top of digital and print communications more important than ever. Families (especially of first-year students) need regular campus updates. Digital parent guides they can access on their phones and iPads are the perfect way to connect. 

Save Time on Marketing Strategies  

Perhaps you’re working to launch new student programs this year, or maybe you need more posters and reminders for students to wear masks and follow social distancing protocols.

Free up your schedule and let us carry out the marketing process. From designing flyers, layout, and shipping, we’ll take care of it so that you can spend your time elsewhere.  

Make the Most of Your Yearly Budget 

Feeling stretched this year? Give your budget a break with our ad-supported publications. We’ll connect your college families to community resources that are typically free, like housing, food security, and financial support.  

This means you can spend more money on running print campaigns for campus events, while we get college students the tools and resources they need to be healthy and happy while they’re at school.  

Meet Accessibility Compliance 

It’s important to us to provide accessible resources to a wide variety of college students and their families. That’s why we’re committed to making all our marketing tools and content accessible.  

Our digital guides and print media meet the PDF/UA standard, as well as Level AA conformance to WCAG2.1. We’re happy to provide you and your teams with guides, maps, and posters that can be read by students and parents with disabilities.  

When your college communities get accessible content, it helps everyone feel welcome. We’ll always make sure you have what you need to provide adaptive content.  

Partner With Us to Elevate Your Brand Programs 

The whole world seems to be playing catch up — your marketing departments included.  

We know you’re committed to supporting student success, which includes doing everything you can to make students and families feel welcomed and informed.  

CollegiateParent has been a trusted partner to over 100 accredited universities and brands since 2004. Whether you need to prepare for an innovative orientation setup, a tricky move-in schedule, or a busy Family Weekend, CollegiateParent has your back. 

Contact us today and get help on your print and digital marketing resources > 

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