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Shark Teeth Strategy for campus recruitment

By collegemktgrp | November 23, 2015 | Student Employers

Everyone is on campus recruiting students when business is booming. Competition is fierce for top candidates, but what happens when things go bust? Should you continue your college recrutiment activities even when you have few jobs to offer?

A good current example to look to is the oil and gas industry. According to Forbes, the current collapse in oil prices has resulted in the loss of over 200,000 jobs worldwide. But even under these circumstances, energy companies are not planning to flee universities.

Companies taking the long view know there is a huge risk in stopping the incoming flow of talent. Not just for current needs but also to keep their talent pool full to fill positions as senior level executives inevitably retire. Ideally this process is like shark teeth – when one leaves, there is always another moving in to take its place.

Companies like BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon have this mindset and are continuing their recruitment marketing programs. In an interview with the oil & gas industry site Rigzone, a representative from BP states “Our commitment to graduate and internship hiring remains, however it’s necessary for us to adjust intake and other related spend in line with this environment. We remain committed, today and tomorrow, to supporting the ongoing development of the energy industry’s talent.”

Chances are the industry your in is in better shape, even during a market setback. Make sure you’re investing in your employer brand so you’re ready to take advantage when the good times roll again.

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