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Millennial technology usage about being mobile

By collegemktgrp | February 15, 2011 | Brands/Advertisers

Millennial technology use is showing a propensity for mobility according to the latest study from the Pew Research Center. Knowing how youth communicate and organize their lives can also help us better understand how to market to them. Here are some interesting facts from the study that I think are worth highlighting.

Millennial ownership of cell phones nearly ubiquitous.

  • 95% of Millennials own a cell phone (Gen X is at 92%).
  • Taking pictures and text messaging are the most popular functions of cell phones among youth.
  • Millennials way more likely to use their phones for things like taking photos, texting, going online, sending email, playing games, listening to music, and watching videos.
  • Millennials are the only generation that is more likely to own a laptop computer or netbook than a desktop.
  • Game console ownership among Millennials and Gen X are about the same (63% own one).

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