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How Universities Can Find the Best Candidates for Summer Jobs

By collegemktgrp | March 2, 2020 | Universities

Around 70% of full-time college students work jobs while attending school. And 40% of these students are working full-time jobs while in college.

Most universities should have a pretty easy time finding eager students to fill open positions around campus. But one exception lies in universities trying to fill summer break jobs.

During summer break, campuses don’t shut down entirely. Some examples of common on-campus jobs that are available all year long (including in the summer) are:

  • Mail room attendant
  • Campus cafe barista
  • Library staffer
  • Teaching assistant
  • Research assistant
  • Administrative worker
  • Lifeguard
  • Event caterer
  • Social media assistant

Most students leave campus over the summer. They go home, take internships, and travel abroad. It can be tricky to find students to work on-campus college jobs over the summer.

But there are still plenty of students around, and many who may be looking for a summer gig to make money until the fall semester starts. Your school just needs to work a little harder to reach them.

From making the most of social media and online hiring platforms to recruiting current student employees in the hunt, here are 5 tips to finding new hires for summer jobs on campus.

Utilize Social Media

Over 90% of companies use social media to promote new job opportunities. It’s an especially effective platform for reaching college students, who spend a lot of time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Here are some helpful tips for how to reach college students looking for jobs on social media:

Make Profiles Just for College Student Jobs

  • If your school doesn’t have a Facebook page for student jobs, it’s time to set one up.
  • The same goes for other platforms. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, or another platform, wherever you get a lot of engagements, consider setting up a specific profile to promote jobs for students.
  • As this page builds up followers and likes, you’ll have an automatic base of people who are interested in on-campus jobs for students who will see your content.

Post Exclusive Content to Your Student Jobs Page

  • With a student jobs profile set up, you’ll want to generate content specifically catered to your followers.
  • Remember, you can always share posts from your jobs page over on your main university account’s feed, stories, etc.
  • This is a good way to get more followers, especially when you first launch your jobs profiles.
  • Good content to attract students can be anything from virtual tours of the workplace and testimonials by current employees to Facebook Live Q&As and even memes.

Boost Posts Promoting Jobs:

  • With targeted ads and a little bit of money, you can make sure the right students see your posts promoting summer job opportunities.
  • You can start with just a small boost of $5 to $10 to your entire audience (remember they’re already interested in on-campus jobs) and see how it does.
  • You can also target to people of a certain age and who have certain interests.
  • For example, your ad for a job in the cafe might find more success when targeted to 19 to 22 year olds with an interest in coffee than with a 65 year old who hates coffee!

Host a Summer Job Fair

The college job fair is an age-old tradition that connects employers with students looking for jobs to count on after graduation. But it can do more for your university — especially for colleges needing to fill on-campus jobs for the summer.

Consider hosting a small job fair just to promote your on-campus summer jobs. Be sure to hold it early enough so that students who may be interested don’t make other plans for the summer.

The best time to hold a job fair is mid-February to mid-April, with the exceptions of during spring break and midterms. You may find better luck getting good recruits in the earlier part of this timeframe, as fewer students will have found another summer job or made other plans for summer break.

Use Your Current Student Employees for Outreach

If you have current student employees who plan to leave for summer break, why not leverage their social network to find another student to take their place?

Some good strategies for this tactic include:

  • Offer referral bonuses
  • Ask current employees to share your job posts on social media
  • Create a healthy and attractive workplace culture — your employees will be more likely to encourage their friends to apply if they actually enjoy working for you

List Opportunities on Hiring Platforms

Beyond social media, there are some quality online hiring platforms that can prove invaluable in your hunt for summer employees.

The most common of these is LinkedIn. Here, you may want to create a specific profile just for student job opportunities, distinguished from your primary profile, which is likely used to recruit professors, admissions staff, and other full-time professional employees.

Other hiring platforms to consider include:

Promote Opportunities at Your College’s Career Service Center

Your school’s career service center is where students go for tips and advice on how to find an internship, a work-study opportunity, or a career for after graduation.

That means it’s full of students who want a job. While they’re working toward the career of their dreams, they may be eager to work on-campus for a few months during the summer.

Be sure to put up posters and flyers promoting summer job opportunities as early as possible, and give your career advisors information about upcoming jobs for them to share with their students.

Tips for Finding Student Employees All Year Long

Finding the best recruits to fill your on-campus jobs for students starts with knowing where to look for potential candidates. Why not look for them where they’re looking for a job?

Read our guide on where college students are looking for job opportunities »

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