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How to Use Facebook to Up Your College Student Recruitment Game

By collegemktgrp | June 21, 2019 | Student Employers

Every business, big or small, shouldn’t overlook the benefits of hiring college students. That includes recent grads and students who are still studying.

College students can usually be hired on at relatively affordable rates. And hiring students early gives them a chance to learn the ropes of your company while they’re still in school, so they can be at their full potential once they’ve graduated.

But some employers make the mistake of not considering the needs of college student recruits by making applications and pre-hiring assignments overbearing. This means providing unclear hiring requirements, requiring intense rounds of interviews, or offering all the wrong benefits for college students.

On top of that, some companies overlook promoting new job listings where college students are likely to look — which data shows time and time again is social media platforms.

90% of companies are promoting jobs on social media these days. If you aren’t on the bandwagon yet, you could be missing out on some highly-qualified candidates. Even worse, you could be forfeiting their talents to your competitors.

Whether you need an employee to work the floor in retail or you’re looking for a future partner for your law firm, Facebook can be a powerful tool to promote your workplace culture and show college students why your company is the one they should want to work for. Plus, you can utilize the platform to list job opportunities and help in your hunt for the best candidates.

If you haven’t made the leap to listing and promoting jobs to college students on Facebook, now’s the time. And fortunately for you, college student marketing on Facebook is one of our exact areas of expertise.

From developing a careers page and posting shareable content to handing the mic to your staff, here’s our guide for hiring college students on Facebook.

Make a Facebook Page for Career Opportunities

A Facebook careers page works like a “business page” that is entirely catered to attracting and engaging with people interested in working for your company.

There are several benefits to creating a page for career-related content:

  1. You don’t have to post job-oriented material on your main Facebook page, which is likely followed mostly by customers and fans of your brand rather than job-seekers.
  2. College students that may be years away from being ready to apply for a job at your company can still follow your careers page now, and start learning more about what it’s like to work there. You can use this to foster their interest over time.
  3. It shows college students that you’re serious about hiring by presenting an actively-engaged recruitment effort year-round, rather than only when you desperately need new employees.

Here’s the thing: you’re aren’t going to only post job listings on your careers page. In fact, more often than not, you won’t be posting job listings.

What do we mean? Think of your careers page as an engagement and outreach tool that gives prospects a look inside the vibe of your company. That way when you do post about a job, all your followers will be rushing to apply.

Post Facebook-Only Videos and Photos

To get followers on your careers page, you need to put in the effort to give them content that is exclusive to that page. This is a good way to keep college students engaged so they’ll be more likely to see important posts about recruitment opportunities.

Plus, each social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) has its own algorithmic peculiarities. Your posts to each of these platforms should be created with the individual platform in mind. A post that gets retweeted like wildfire on Twitter might sit dead in the water on Instagram, simply because the type of content that does well on Twitter (quips, inspirational quotes, and funny short stories) doesn’t really translate to Instagram’s glamour-driven photo format.

On Facebook, photos do well, but videos are really where it’s at when it comes to boosting engagement. But not just any pitchy video will do — skip the overt promotional materials and get to what’s real by allowing the personality of your company, brand, and employees to take center stage.

Here are a few ideas of what to share to get personal with your photo and video content:

  • Photos from holiday parties and special events
  • Virtual tours of your company offices
  • Fun videos showing employees in the work environment
  • Facebook Live Q&A’s where people can ask managers and the hiring team questions about the company and what it’s like to work there

Provide Share-Worthy Content

Your content is the key to increasing follows and getting higher engagement with your careers page.

Posts that show off the personality of your brand and your employees are great for achieving this, even if they don’t mention hiring or recruitment at all. Remember, you’re using this content to build trust and interest now so that your application numbers will increase down the road.

Your posts might be silly or they might be more straight-laced. All that matters is that they’re showcasing the spirit and passion of your employees and workplace.

Each social media platform also has tools to help give your posts a fighting chance of virility. On Facebook, you can make up your own hashtags, or tap into existing popular ones.

Creating your own hashtag to go along with a series of posts can be a good way to activate follows to share with their own content, whether it be a crazy story (#CookingFail), a stunt video (#IceBucketChallenge), or a photo showing off a bad haircut (#HairBeLike). We just made up some of those, but you get the idea.

Memes are also handy. If followers can get a laugh out of your post, they’re more likely to share it. Just keep in mind that with any posts, you need to stay consistent to your brand voice. Don’t go out of the way to be too cheeky or sarcastic if that’s not really what your brand is about.

Let Your Young Employees Do the Talking

College students who are interested in working at your company want to know first-hand what it’s like to work there. So why not let your recent hires who are close in age tell them about their experiences?

Students are more likely to engage with personal “testimonial” style content that isn’t curated into clean-cut marketing lingo. Keeping it real is the effective approach with this demographic.

Here are some ideas for how to achieve this:

  • Post photos of employees with their testimonies of what they love about working at your company in quotes below. You can also produce these as short videos.
  • Allow specific employees to post directly to your Facebook careers page, with some training and guidelines of course. They can include their sign-off at the end of posts so followers can see the real-life employee behind the content.
  • Use Facebook Live to host Q&A’s with employees.

Share Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog on your company’s website, you should be sharing all your blog posts on your social media channels and in email newsletters. When you post any blog about jobs, workplace culture, etc., they should be shared on your Facebook careers page.

Sharing your blog on your careers page provides a few key benefits:

  • It acts as a gateway to your website, driving traffic and bringing interested parties further into the culture of your brand
  • It provides opportunities to share more in-depth content that might not be right for Facebook
  • Internal and external cross-linking in your blogs can send visitors from Facebook onto other content and help you boost your SEO

Don’t have a blog? Better get started! After all, the one you’re reading right now brought you to our website (which we’re grateful for, by the way!)

Boost Your Posts

When it comes to Facebook, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little money to get your boosts out there in front of your followers.

If you have a post that you think is prime shareable material, go ahead and post it and see how it does organically. It’s possible it’ll take off without you spending a dime. If it does okay but plateaus before reaching its full potential, you can feed it a little cash (sometimes even just $5 or $10 at a time) to get it in front of more eyes.

A really important job listing, on the other hand, might demand more aggressive spending to make sure as many of your followers as possible see it in their feed.

Feeling Lost? College Marketing Group Can Help

Upping your recruitment efforts on social media is a must if you’re serious about attracting talented college students, but there are a million ways to get it wrong — which is why College Marketing Group exists.

We’re here to spearhead your digital marketing efforts to reach the best college student recruits out there. Our professional team of marketers has the experience to target the college audience by variables beyond count. Once we find exactly who you’re looking for, we develop ads and content strategies to engage them on Facebook.

And finally, we look at the data and fine-tune our approach to narrow in on your precise goals. Metrics such as impressions, clicks, views, and conversion rates show us what’s working and what still needs work.

Learn more about how College Marketing Group can help you reach college students on Facebook and beyond »

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