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Horror Movie Marketing Tactics

By collegemktgrp | October 8, 2009 | Brands/Advertisers

During the month of October, “Blood Night – The Legend of Mary Hatchet” will come alive around college campuses. We have implemented some unusual movie marketing tactics to create a Halloween buzz for the movie and the existing legend, such as bloodstain sidewalk stencils, chalking, and poster/flier drops on and off campus, including at dorms and sororities. Models of Mary Hatchet are walking around campuses in character with full makeup during night and day classes to hand out fliers about the movie. The movie promotion will run during the month of October and drive students to www.bloodnightmovie.com.

Student comments about Mary Hatchet campus visit:

“I love slasher movies. I’ll be sure to check it out.”

“Holy-S##t! You scared the living S##t out of me!”

“What a great stunt!”

“I love the costume!”

“Now that is totally creepy looking.”

“That is awesome. I need to get a picture of you.”

“That’s really creepy.”

“You are freaking me out. I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“I would have never expected to see something like you on campus.”

“Great way to get someone’s attention.”

“The creepiest part is the fact that you aren’t talking.”

“Thanks. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“I saw the ads on campus. Nice touch.”

“That is some creepy ass s@@t!”

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