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Haunted Sorority Houses

By collegemktgrp | October 25, 2010 | Universities

Thousands of sororities across the United States provide opportunities for young women to enrich their lives and meet new friends while attending college. Many, however, get more than they bargained for when they pledge. A fair number of sororities have a legacy of being haunted. Since Greek life tends to be shrouded in rituals, symbols, and secrecy, it’s no wonder school “spirit” can take on a new meaning there.

Here is a small list of college sororities that may want to add a ghost to their crest.

Alpha Gamma Delta – UGA

This sorority is said to have poltergeist activity, such as objects moving by themselves, and sounds from the attic area where in 1913, resident Susie Carithers allegedly hung herself. See more in the video below.

Chi Omega Sorority house – Bowling Green

Legend says “Amanda”, was either a pledge who was accidentally killed in a railroad initiation, or a little girl who died on the park behind the old Student Union, where the house now stands. Members report poltergeist activity, including things disappearing and reappearing in the house utility room, and a closet that locks itself.

Phi Sigma Sigma – Bloomsburg Univ

This is by far one of the more violent hauntings reported at a sorority. Those in house 351/353 Lightstreet Road have experienced shaking beds, experienced being pinned down in bed by unseen forces, and diabolical laughter of a child coming from the walls. Ouija board usage in the house has historically made the activity intensify and is likely to be extremely dangerous.

Alpha Sigma Tau – Moravian College

Purportedly haunted by a girl named Alicia who had been thrown down the stairs and killed there decades ago, this sorority melds crime with ghostly dislike of men. The unusual stairs, running from the attic to the kitchen where the accident occurred, have been removed but remnants can still be seen in one of the closets. Girls here tell of bedroom lights turning on and off unexpectedly, unusual cold pockets of air, and pictures of men often found turned around or found flipped over.

Ghost above bed

Old ADPi (now FIJI) house – Ohio State

Multiple ghosts are said to haunt this house, making it difficult to understand the reasons why. College girls have told tales of seeing apparitions of woman around the residence, hearing sounds of footsteps, and missing items reappearing in unusual out-of-reach places. Some members have even felt what seems like a person sitting on their beds. Many of these stories were reported in the book Haunted Ohio.

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House – Tuscaloosa

Legend has it that before sorority row was constructed, a home for children existed on the same site where a young boy named Adam was accidentally scaled to death while he was in the bathtub. He is believed to haunt the sorority house with activity that happens around 8 pm (the time the incident occurred?). Residents claim to have felt “creeped out” when in the house, witnessed water faucets and televisions that turn on and off on their own, and felt a presence behind them in the bathroom.

Can anyone confirm or deny these reports? Is there a sorority that we missed? Open for comments.

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