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Fall 2010 College Fashion Trends for Women

By collegemktgrp | September 17, 2010 | Brands/Advertisers

Pictured: Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad.

The Legging

This isn’t really a news flash, leggings have been “in” for a couple of seasons now. However, they took a mini vacay for the summer, and are back in a big way for fall with lots to choose from: shiny ones, patterned ones, and good old fashioned black ones. A note to wearers…your shirt must be long enough to cover your bum…it’s the law.

The Jegging

Leggings + Jeans = Jeggings

The Legging has been so popular that it has joined forces with it’s equally popular counterpart, The Skinny Jean, to create an uber pant…and thus The Jegging was born. It’s a perfect match for the staple fall boots and sweaters. Note to wearers… the same long shirt law applies to The Jegging…there are no exceptions.

The Jegging - Audrina Patridge & Sienna Miller

Pictured: Audrina Patridge and Sienna Miller.

The Faux Fur Vest

We have Rachel Zoe to thank for this old retro look exploding back onto the scene. This dances the very thin line between fashionable and costume-y. But, if you can pull it off, then it’s one super fabulous “boho-chic” fall piece.

The Faux Fur Vest - Kristin Cavallari & Kim Kardashian

Pictured: Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari

The Scarf

Hands down the best Fall accessory. Scarves go with EVERYTHING and they can make an ordinary outfit stylish (with very little effort).

The Scarf - Vanessa Minnillo

Pictured: Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Alba.

The Fringe Boot

Fringe is so hot right now, so it’s no surprise that this includes boots. In fact, I predict it’s about to take over every girls fall/winter fave (which, incidentally, happens to be every man’s least favorite girl fall/winter staple)…that’s right…you heard it hear first(ish),Kettle Black is the new Ugg.

The Fringe Boot - Lauren Conrad & Vanessa Hudgens

Pictured: Lauren Conrad and Vanessa Hudgens sporting Kettle Black Koolaburra Triple Fringe Boots.

The Biker Boot

The Biker Boot is the other favorite boot for fall, this flat boot is usually studded or buckled and goes great with other “biker-chic” accessories like The Studded Hobo and The Leather Jacket. All across the land sorority girls and reality starlets alike will be able to look as bad as they wanna be, without having to throw a leg up on a hog. And that my friends, is what fashion is all about.

The Biker Chick - Kristin Cavallari & Kim Kardashian

Pictured: Kristin Cavallari and Kim Kardashian.

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