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Crafting A Marketing Message For GEN Z

By collegemktgrp | February 11, 2016 | Brands/Advertisers

If you read our previous post, “Gen Z Campus: The New Kids on the Quad” you learned that today’s college students are much different than their Millennial counterparts in many ways. The messaging you had been using on campus these past 4 years may no longer be effective. Before you can plan your on-campus marketing strategy, you have to get the message and design right. Here are some marketing message thought-starters to help you clear the deck and zero in on what you want your advertising to convey.

  1. What’s the opportunity and/or problem the campus advertising must address?
  2. Who is the target market and what geographic areas or campuses are being used?
  3. What do you want college students to do when they see your message?
  4. What’s the emotional response we want from Gen Z students?
  5. What information/attributes of your product / service might help produce this response?
  6. What aspects of your brand personality should the advertising express?
  7. What is the college consumer benefit?

To unlock our pro-tips, download these questions as an easy-to-use marketing message worksheet. Use this info to brainstorm and finalize your campus marketing messaging and create an effective design strategy.

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