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Consider smartphones when designing your next student email promotion

By collegemktgrp | January 3, 2013 | Brands/Advertisers

Everyone from retailers to fast food chains have tapped us for our college student email marketing capabilities. One thing they always ask about is how optimize the performance of the offer they are sending. We remind them to look at how students are checking their email.

Now that smartphones are ubiquitous on campus, you can bet that most students are checking their email there. If anything, it’s a place where they may clean up their inbox before finding a bigger screen to dig into an email they want to look at closer.

As for the mobile version itself, percentages and large clickable areas are key. Rather than defining widths in exact numbers, percentages will be more adaptable. This applies to both tables and images (with images, no height should be specified). For example, setting the entire table width to 100% will make the table take up the whole screen, and setting an image to 25% will make that image take up only a quarter of the screen.

Call to actions should be large as well, honestly taking up at least 70% width if they are a button. This will make them very easy for fingers to click on. As for fonts, percentages should be used for these as well. For the most part it is a good idea to just leave the font size blank, and set a high percentage like 200 for large headings.

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