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5 Reasons to Hire College Students Before Graduation

By collegemktgrp | April 18, 2019 | Student Employers

Every year, a new batch of college students gets ready for graduation and starts thinking seriously about next steps. For many college students, their goal is to land a job that makes use of their education as soon as possible.

There’s no shortage of highly-educated grads entering the job market every year. And with unemployment numbers at some of the lowest they’ve been in the last 50 years, college grads are having an easier time finding job opportunities fresh out of school.

That’s why if you want to attract top talent, you’ve got to get in front of college students before they graduate so they’re already considering your company.

But some forward-thinking companies are taking it a step further by offering jobs to qualified college students before they graduate.

From attracting top talent to inspiring better academic achievement, here are 5 reasons you should consider hiring college students before graduation.

1) Attract Top Talent

The best and brightest college student job seekers are likely to have little trouble landing a great position as soon as they start looking.

Getting in front of these all-stars before they even start the job search can increase your odds of getting the best candidates to decide to work for you. Looking for jobs can be a long and frustrating process. And for college students who are nervous about what happens after graduation — like having to pay off student loans — it will be relieving to be contacted about a job opportunity.

2) Compete with Bigger Companies

If you’re a small company that can’t offer as robust of a compensation package as your bigger competitors, hiring early can be a strategy to land the best college student candidates before the big guys steal them away.

3) Build Loyalty from the Get-Go

When you hire college students before graduation, you’re showing them that you respect and trust them. In their eyes, you’re giving them a shot that other companies may not — especially since only half of hiring managers consider college grads to be well prepared for an entry level position.

Trust is a two-way street. Your new hire is likely to give back the same trust you show them, which means company loyalty from the get-go. A loyal employees mean less expensive turn-arounds and a more invested workforce.

4) Inspire Good Grades

If you hire a student one or two semesters before they graduate, you can include the caveat that they maintain a certain GPA to get hired after graduation.

This will inspire new hires to work harder throughout their degree, ultimately making them more equipped to do the job you’ll be asking them to do. Plus, they may value their job more if they had to work hard to get it.

5) Train in Advance

Hiring students before graduation gives you the opportunity to set up training and orientation sessions before they start work full-time, so they can hit the ground running on day one.

College student hires can come into your office after class or on the weekends for training. You can also host digital training webinars they can do from home.
Hiring college student interns is another way to give potential full-time employees the chance to get acquainted with the inner workings of your company.

Lastly, a little leeway between hiring and graduation gives both parties time to work out logistics. You can get everything from insurance and HR paperwork squared away, and give the student time to pack up and move if necessary.

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