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5 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies to Reach College Students

By collegemktgrp | January 17, 2022 | Brands/Advertisers

Social media is a critical tool for marketing to college students — namely, millennials and Gen Z98% of college students in the U.S. are active internet users. So what better way to increase your brand’s awareness than through social media marketing?

Even with a captivating social media account, you still need a solid social media strategy to drive traffic to your site and boost followers and engagement. A powerful social media strategy will keep you ahead of your competitors — whether you’re a start-up or an established brand.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important to College Students?  

College students spend 8-10 hours a day on their smartphones. And college students spend close to half of their online time on social media.

Developing a strong social media strategy is one of the best ways to help your business get in front of your target audience. With the rising number of college attendees every year, it’s more crucial than ever before know how to effectively get your brand’s products and services in front of students. 

While there are many social media marketing strategies that can help drive engagement and conversions with college students, you have to make sure you have a solid following so those strategies don’t go to waste.  

Here are 5 top strategies to boost your social media following with college students in 2022.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for College Students

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy that often gets overlooked by brands. But almost half (44%) of Gen Z have purchased an item after a recommendation by an online influencer. Together with the fact that 70% of Gen Z follows at least one influencer on social media, influencer marketing should be the first tactic on your list for growing your followers. 

When you work with College Marketing Group, we offer access to not only college students but their parents, alumni, diverse students, and the community surrounding campuses. These groups all have influencers that will help you push your brand’s message out over social media as well.  

You can also key in your target audience on social media platforms to locate the influencers. For example, searching “University of Michigan” in the location tab on Instagram can help you find students with more than 10,000 followers who you can reach out to partner with.

2. Email Marketing

You can use email marketing tactics to drive more college students and their parents to your social media platforms. By including social media links in your email marketing campaigns, your target audience gets the chance to engage with your social content and become a follower. 

You can also advertise all your organic social giveaways and promoted posts to your email newsletter audience. This can help drive more participants and readers to your organic giveaways and content, and hopefully earning their following along the way.

3. User-Generated Content 

Another powerful way to grow your social media following is through user-generated content (UGC).  

College students are more likely be won over by influencers who post authentic UGC about your brand’s product or services. In fact, consumers are twice as likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to the content created by the specific brand. Your brand’s authenticity will increase if a third party — in this case, an influencer — reviews your product or service.  

But UGC doesn’t only have to come from influencers. Offer an incentive (like a small gift or discount) to your email list in exchange for reviews of your products or services that you can share across your social platforms to boost followers and engagement.

4. Employ a Multi-Channel Approach

Today’s college students are multi-tasking experts with multiple gadgets at hand. Did you know that 39% of the Gen Z population have 4 or more social media accounts? That’s more than any other demographic.  

If you’re looking to increase your college student following, it’s vital to be in more places than one. Instagram and TikTok may be gaining popularity among college students now, but we can’t predict the next big thing in social media tomorrow.  

Fortunately, having social media accounts for your brand on different platforms helps you interact with customers all across the internet. This doesn’t mean you have to be on every platform — choose a few that feel authentic to your brand, and make sure you dedicate time to engaging with your following on each.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media Promotion Groups

If your brand is located near or within a college, make use of Facebook or Twitter social groups to highlight local events — like concerts, sports games, and fraternity events. 

After that, share these events on your company’s page to attract your target audience, who might end up purchasing your products and following you to know more about future events. 

Increase Your Brand’s Following with Inbound Marketing Tactics 

Social media marketing to is one of the foundational elements of an effective marketing strategy to reach college students and their parents. But it shouldn’t be your brand’s only inbound marketing tactic. 

From email marketing to persona- and keyword-driven blogs, learn more about the best inbound marketing tactics for brands looking to reach college students >

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