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4 Benefits of Marketing at College Football Games

By collegemktgrp | December 2, 2015 | Brands/Advertisers

A lot of strategic thinking goes into creating an effective on-campus marketing event. Location and timing can make or break it, which is why a lot of consideration should go into this decision. Football games are one of the most popular and unifying events for college students, and they draw huge crowds of excited and engaged fans. Here are four reasons to consider marketing at a college football game.

Attention Span

During an on-campus event where students are walking to and from class, it can be hard to grab their attention. At a football game and tailgate, people have stopped rushing about their daily routine and are focused on having a good time and being social. They are at their final destination, not in transit and will be more receptive to any marketing they encounter.

Pack Mentality

Football games are primarily a group event – very rarely will you find an individual attending a game without a friend, parent, or a social group. If your marketing strategy includes an event at the tailgate, all you have to do is grab the attention of one person in the group, and the others are sure to stop as well. This “pack mentality” can help get more eyes on your brand.

Emotional Resonance

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, let alone a college football game, you know that there is an electric energy in the air. Sports fans have a strong emotional connection to their team, and the right marketing strategy and messaging could tap your brand into that loyalty.


According to the NCAA, the average attendance for a Varsity football game is 44,190. Game day attendance can regularly surpass the entire student body population. More eyes on your marketing message means more potential customers.

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