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Advertising to College Students

Advertise to college students using non-traditional media strategies

Here at College Marketing Group, we’re big proponents of digital advertising — from email to social media. But when it comes to advertising to college students, you can’t afford to neglect your on-campus presence.

Not on campus? Your competition sure is. College advertising on campuses is becoming more and more prevalent. And the likelihood that a student will make a purchase increases if they’ve interacted with your brand in person.

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On- and Off-Campus College Student Advertising

Market to Each Niche

Decide who your student personas are, and make a list of their needs, desires, and challenges, and how your product can help.

Fine-Tune Your Message

When you set up on campus, your team should know how to talk to passing students to get their attention.

Connect Beyond the Moment

This is your chance to create a lasting connection that’ll increase your reach after your initial interaction is over. Make the most of it!

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Increase brand awareness on- and off-campus

On-campus advertising to college students is one of our specialties at College Marketing Group.

We develop exclusive on-campus promotions and build powerful teams of brand ambassadors to scale your brand’s awareness. We can connect your brand with college students using tactics like incentive giveaways, local business collaborations, guerrilla marketing, influencers and more.

Every client’s challenges are unique and we provide custom recommendations on the most effective media solutions based on your needs. From strategy to implementation, we will guide you every step of the way.

College advertising just got easier.

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