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About Us

Our Story

College Marketing Group is a dedicated team of marketing professionals who develop effective media campaigns for clients that want to engage this audience. We are dedicated to providing thoughtful student marketing strategies and delivering measurable results. CMG is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with national reach and have been helping brands perform in this niche, hard-to reach market for almost 20 years.

Who We Partner With

Employers Who Recruit Students

In this highly competitive job market it is necessary to think differently, about effective and efficient ways to attract top talent to your organization. CMG prides itself in our ability to deliver quality candidates to our partners. This is accomplished by targeting the very best candidates through online, mobile and on site marketing efforts. Whether you are trying to hire new grads or focusing your talent acquisition efforts further upstream, we have the tools and advertising vehicles to help your company meet their student recruitment goals.

Colleges for Enrollment Marketing

We can agree that traditional enrollment methods are obsolete. Our unique approach to the higher-ed market includes advertising options that reach all segments of this market including: professional, graduate, undergraduate, and online learners. CMG is committed to enhancing your brand and student lead generation programs while increasing your ROI.

Advertising Agencies Who Need Campus Help

CMG is the expert in the College Marketing space and advertising agencies have come to rely on us for this expertise. We can partner with agencies on idea generation, pitches, campaign development, oversight, and recap. Our, “your client is our client” philosophy coupled with our stellar reputation for delivering projects on time makes us a trusted partner in the college media space.

Multicultural Marketing

The college student population is continually growing in diversity, and multicultural marketing is your gateway to building brand loyalty and sales among these groups.
It’s not just a good idea or the right thing to do, it is necessary for sustainability and growth that brands establish real, genuine relationships and connections with diverse audiences. The end result being a lifelong affinity, loyalty towards the brand for generations to come.
CMG successfully works with employers, universities and both national and international brands that have a desire to recruit diverse populations, introduce brands, drive sales and produce measurable results from their marketing campaigns.

National Brands Needing Expert Strategy and Execution

Today’s leading brands and organizations understand the power of the college consumer. For many, marketing in the campus environment or to the student audience can be pretty unfamiliar. You need a guide to help you navigate the unique challenges of marketing on campus and a trusted resource to ensure your marketing strategy is on point.

Why Choose College Marketing Group

Access to Campus. Audience Intelligence. Resources to Reach.

We partner with clients, advertisers, and marketing professionals to connect brands with the college audience. Our years of experience executing college marketing plans have resulted in a catalog of first-rate intel on thousands of colleges and universities and their off-campus environments. This insider knowledge about students, traditions, hot-spots, and campus advertising options allows us to recommend the right media opportunities to reach students while also saving valuable time and money. College marketing just got easier.

Our Capabilities

College Marketing Group helps national brands, colleges and universities, and campus recruiters come up with effective ways to market to students on campus and online. We can help you reach any college or university in the United States and will ensure your college marketing plan is executed on time, on budget, while delivering you a solid ROI.

College Marketing Consultation

We have decades of combined experience marketing in the campus environment and reaching students online. Let us walk you through our proven process for messaging, college targeting, student profiling, and media selection.

On-Campus Location Media

College media isn’t like traditional media. First off, it stays up late and eats a lot of pizza! College Marketing has become the go-to among ad agency professionals and top brands that need help identifying, planning, buying and managing those hard-to-find campus advertising options.

Digital Marketing

College Marketing goes beyond the common online network ad buy. We provide highly targeted college inventory that reaches campus and the college audience you need to reach. We offer effective strategies and full-service programmatic buying of online display, video, mobile, social, streaming radio, and connected TV.

Campus Events and Brand Ambassadors

The success of your campus events and tour activation hinges on quality brand ambassadors, attention to detail, extensive preparation, and accountability. We know the ins and outs of the campus environment and the nuances of their centers of activity. On or off campus, spring break events, urban markets, or at a location you specify, our campus influencers will be there, leading you every step of the way.

Experiential Marketing

You know by now, that conventional methods of advertising can fall flat among today’s distracted college students. Not only do we excel at providing grassroots advertising tactics and eye-popping custom media, but we do it while focusing on how it should be placed in each market. That’s expertise you can only get from a leading college marketing agency like College Marketing Group.